Content Warning: this article contains plot spoilers for the Netflix show Alice in Borderland.

After a gripping 1st season, Alice in Borderland’s growing fanbase continues to discuss the show’s highlights so far, as well as theories about Arisu’s uncertain future. There are countless possibilities and potentially shocking moments for the show’s 2nd season, especially for viewers who have also read the manga it’s based on.

Some elements from the first season will hopefully be carried over to future episodes of the series. From more well-designed games to fleshed-out backstories, there are a number of things audiences likely want to see in season 2. As fans eagerly wait for more details about the upcoming season, it’s the best time to think about what viewers are probably expecting to see in the continuation of the survival drama show.


More Well-Designed Games

The difficult games in Alice in Borderland are always well-designed and nearly impossible to predict. The show twists simple games like hide-and-seek and tag, turning them into something more sinister.

There’s no telling what other games fans will see in the upcoming season, but if they’re anything like the ones showcased so far, then they will definitely be entertaining to watch. Audiences may recall how Mira emphasizes the final face cards towards the end of the show, which could turn out to be as tough or even harder as the ten of hearts game, “Witch Hunt.”

Usagi And Arisu’s Relationship

The beginning of Usagi and Arisu’s friendship was complicated and rough, as the protagonist refuses to accept help from the player at first. It was heartwarming to watch their relationship develop over the course of the first season and it’s implied that they may become more than friends in the near future.

Usagi has risked her life several times to save Arisu, like when she runs through a burning building in the “Witch Hunt” round to rescue him. Arisu has done the same for her as well, as some fans may remember how he heroically drives a bus to save her life in the game “Distance.” There will hopefully be more scenes like these, as their partnership is one of the highlights of the series.

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More Information About Dealers

Asahi’s selfless act in Alice in Borderland happens to uncover one of the most crucial parts about the inner workings of the competition. Everyone is stunned when she admits she’s a dealer and explains how people like her are responsible for setting up and running the games.

This raises a lot of questions about the competition, though. How exactly are dealers chosen? Are there predetermined roles for players and dealers before they’re sent to join the games? What happens if a dealer joins a game of hearts? These will hopefully be answered when fans learn more about the dealers’ bigger roles in the contest in the upcoming season.

The Fate Of The Real World

Even the most intelligent characters in Alice in Borderland haven’t figured out exactly what happened to the real world. There’s a scene early on in the show when Arisu, Chōta, Karube, and Shibuki are discussing how they all found their way into the competition.

They hypothesize about what could have happened to all the people in Tokyo, but none of them have a definite answer. Even Hatter and his subordinates can’t seem to come up with a theory that makes sense, as the phenomenon allegedly extends beyond Tokyo’s borders. The burning question about where all the people went is easy to answer for those who have read the manga, but viewers who haven’t will have to wait a bit longer to find out.

Arisu’s Revenge On The Gamemasters

The end of the 1st season highlights Arisu’s resolve to find and defeat the mysterious gamemasters. After the death of his closest friends, he’s made it a priority to formulate a plan to reach the cruel people responsible for the entire competition.

This may be something that happens in season 2, but based on the incredible resources and creativity the unseen gamemasters have shown so far, it may take a bit longer for Arisu to reach them. It would still be interesting to learn more about them and watch Arisu flesh out his plan to take them down, though, which is like something the series will at least hint at in the upcoming season.

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The Completed Face Cards

After all the horrific things Arisu and Usagi have had to endure in the competition, fans can expect to see even more heartbreaking scenes in the 2nd season. According to Mira, the rest of the games will be for the highest-rated face cards, which means they will be extremely difficult.

If the players are able to get through them, it would be exciting to see exactly what happens when the deck is complete. Hatter’s theory about how whoever holds the most face cards can escape will be put to the test and fans can only hope that the player who wins gets a worthwhile reward.

Chishiya’s Backstory

It’s fascinating to learn about the complicated and sometimes tragic backstories of the unlucky competitors forced to play games to survive in the show. From Kuina’s story about embracing her gender identity to Chōta’s traumatizing experiences with a cult, it’s always exciting to learn more about the participants.

Someone who remains as mysterious as ever is Chishiya. The enigmatic character always seems to be lurking in the shadows, planning his own grand escape from the deadly competition. It would be interesting to see why he acts the way he does, as the only way fans will fully understand his motivations and personality is if they learn more about his past.

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