One of the most popular characters of all time, both from literature and the magical world of Disney, is Alice. Through Alice in Wonderland, readers and viewers are riveted as she falls down a rabbit hole and enters a strange and wondrous place. There, she meets new people, makes tough decisions, shrinks and grows a couple of times and figures out some important things about herself. 

Throughout this journey alone, she exhibited several different sides to her personality, and like everyone else, she is made up of positive and some not-so-great characteristics. That being said, look below to read up on Alice’s five worst and five best personality traits. 

10 Best: She Is A Dreamer

First and foremost, Alice is a dreamer. She can often be found lying in fields of wildflowers and staring up at the clouds. She is usually thinking about anything else when she should be listening and paying attention to her family.

In fact, she may or may not have daydreamed her entire experience in Wonderland (though, fellow dreamers know this place just has to be real).

9 Worst: She Has A Hard Time Focusing On The Present, Real World

While having a vivid imagination can be a wonderful thing, it has its downfalls. For instance, when Alice is in the present and real world, she has a hard time focusing. 

At the beginning of her story, she is being read to, and within her story, there is a party to attend. Neither of these activities sound like much fun to her, as she would rather be off doing something more thrilling and creative. 


8 Best: She Is Curious

Along the same lines, Alice is curious, just like her cat, Dinah. She studies and observes and sometimes sticks her nose in where it doesn’t belong.

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She asks questions, even if someone seems like they want to be left alone, and she did, after all, go tumbling down that hole because of her curiosity, all while following a peculiar rabbit. 

7 Worst: She Can Be A Bit Rude

Another negative trait in Alice is her propensity to rudeness. In fact, a few conversations in the various versions of her story put this on display.

She is young, yet she sometimes thinks she knows best, and she doesn’t like being ignored or bossed around either. From how she ignores her family to how she talked to some quirky characters in Wonderland, she is not always sweet.

6 Best: She Is Open To New Ideas & Possibilities

Due to her age, attitude and dreamy state, Alice is also open to new ideas and possibilities. A cookie appears and says to eat it? Okay! A queen is hosting a croquet game? Sounds fabulous! A dragon-like-monster needs to be defeated? It could be dangerous, but let’s do it!

With this trait comes a friendly and welcoming vibe that makes this character accepting of all, even if they do vanish while grinning in a slightly creepy way or tell riddles with no apparent answers.

5 Worst: She Is Also Stubborn

Because sometimes Alice sometimes feels that she is always right, along with this comes a bit of stubbornness. So even though she can be open to new things, this only happens on her watch and in her own way.

Plenty of people in her life at home and in Wonderland made suggestions that she did not like, causing her to offer up snarky comments, do just the opposite or leave altogether. 

4 Best: She Can Be Helpful

Overall, Alice is nice and she even helps those in need, at times. She listens to stories, holds crying babies and she keeps a secret about how the roses are actually just painted red.

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All of this proves that Alice can be selfless and caring, two qualities that make her a good person, overall. 

3 Worst: She Is Indecisive 

Wonderland does seem like it could be quite confusing, but does that mean Alice needs to be so indecisive? Alice seems to have no confidence in her ability to make decisions. She never knew where to go, who to talk to, which size was best, why she was there or which path to take. 

One has to wonder if she only acts like this in Wonderland or if she is always indecisive. Imagine Alice trying to make a very important decision back home as she gets older, such as where to attend college, or what to do for work or where to live!

2 Best: She Is Strong

Lastly, on the list of positive personality traits, Alice is strong. While this can sometimes come out as defiance, deep down, she has this strength and determination to get anything done and to overcome any obstacle put before her.

Her strength was shown off in a big way in Tim Burton’s film adaptation, as she was a returning hero and warrior who had to go to battle and save an entire land.

1 Worst: She Struggles With Knowing Who She Really Is

Just as Alice can be indecisive with her decisions here and there, she can also struggle when it comes to figuring out herself.

This is common, especially in young people, and hopefully, as time progresses, this well-known character has grown up and got some answers in this area. 

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