Hats are cosmetic items in Stardew Valley that have no function in the game other than to look cool. However, some of the hats in the game do look really cool. Since there is a multiplayer mode in Stardew Valley where players can team up with their friends, it can be worth it to go to the extreme lengths required to get some of these hats for bragging rights. If the player so chooses, the game can go on even after getting to the ending, so looking fancy is part of the fun.

In Stardew Valley, hats are unlocked in a variety of different ways. Many of the hats can be purchased from the Hat Mouse, who shows up in the Abandoned House after the player earns their first achievement. The Hat Mouse sells hats for 1,000g once the player completes the corresponding achievement, so keep checking back periodically throughout the game.


A considerable number of Stardew Valley hats can be obtained from tailoring, instead of through achievements. Once the player obtains Cloth, Emily lets them use the sewing machine in her house. Here they can make hats, as well as other clothing items, if they have the right materials. Since there are so many different types of hats available, chances are the player will be able to make some sort of hat with the materials they have on hand.

How to Get Hats in Stardew Valley

Some hats can only be obtained in certain circumstances, such as randomly dropping from monsters or chests, or purchased from specific vendors. How to obtain each type of hat in Stardew Valley is listed below.

  • Good Ol’ Cap: earn 15,000g
  • Lucky Bow: earn 50,000g
  • Cool Cap: earn 250,000g
  • Bowler Hat: earn 1,000,000g
  • Sombrero: earn 10,000,000g
  • Butterfly Bow: become a 5-heart friend with 1 person
  • Tiara: become a 5-heart friend with 4 people
  • Santa Hat: become a 5-heart friend with 10 people
  • Earmuffs: become a 5-heart friend with 20 people
  • Mouse Ears: become a 10-heart friend with 1 person
  • Cat Ears: become level 10-heart friend with 8 people
  • Emily’s Magic Hat: obtained by reaching 14-hearts with Emily
  • Tropiclip: upgrade player’s house
  • Hunter’s Cap: upgrade player’s house to the maximum size
  • Straw Hat: win the Egg Festival’s egg hunt.
  • Fedora: bought at the Stardew Valley Fair for 500 Star Tokens
  • Sailor’s Cap: win the Festival of Ice’s fishing competition
  • Cone Hat: bought from the Magic Shop Boat at the Night Market
  • Sou’wester: catch 10 different types of fish
  • Official Cap: catch 24 different types of fish
  • Watermelon Band: catch 100 fish
  • Eye Patch: catch every type of fish
  • Delicate Bow: cook 10 different recipes
  • Plum Chapeau: cook 25 different recipes
  • Archer’s Cap: cook every recipe
  • Chef Hat: cook every recipe
  • Daisy: craft 15 different items
  • Trucker Hat: craft 30 different items
  • Gnome’s Cap: craft every type of item
  • Cowgal Hat: ship 300 of 1 type of crop
  • Cowpoke Hat: ship 15 of each crop
  • Goblin Mask: ship every type of item
  • Polka Bow: complete 10 “Help Wanted” requests
  • Chicken Mask: complete 40 “Help Wanted” requests
  • Hard Hat: defeat 30 Duggy
  • Skeleton Mask: defeat 50 Skeleton
  • Knight’s Helmet: defeat 50 Pepper Rex
  • Arcane Hat: defeat 100 Mummy
  • Squire’s Helmet: random drop from Metal Head
  • Tiger Hat: random drop from Tiger Slime
  • Blue Bonnet: donate 40 different items to the Stardew Valley museum
  • Cowboy Hat: complete the museum collection
  • Blue Cowboy Hat: random drop from treasure chests in the Skull Cavern
  • Red Cowboy Hat: random drop from treasure chests in the Skull Cavern
  • Dark Cowboy Hat: random drop from treasure chests in the Skull Cavern
  • Panda Hat: exclusive to players on Tencent Games Platform (TGP)
  • Living Hat: rarely found from cutting weeds or from defeating Wilderness Golems
  • Mushroom Cap: rarely found from chopping down a Mushroom Tree
  • Garbage Hat: rarely found from checking garbage cans in Pelican Town
  • Golden Helmet: rarely found from opening a Golden Coconut
  • Pink Bow: bought from the Dwarf in the Volcano Dungeon
  • Copper Pan: obtained from equipping the Copper Pan in the hat slot
  • Green Turban: bought from the Desert Trader for 50 Omni Geodes
  • Magic Cowboy Hat: bought from the Desert Trader for 333 Omni Geodes on odd days
  • Magic Turban: bought from the Desert Trader for 333 Omni Geodes on even days
  • Deluxe Pirate Hat: obtained from Volcano Dungeon Chest
  • Frog Hat: caught in Gourmand Frog’s cave on Ginger Island
  • Small Cap: bought from the Island Trader for 30 Taro Roots on Mondays
  • Bluebird Mask: bought from the Island Trader for 30 Taro Roots on Wednesdays
  • Deluxe Cowboy Hat: bought from the Island Trader for 30 Taro Roots on Fridays
  • Top Hat: bought in Qi’s Casino for 8,000 Qi Coins
  • Qi’s Hat: obtained from Qi’s Walnut Room for 5 Qi Gems
  • ???: obtained from the monkey in the Volcano Caldera once reaching 100% perfection
  • Elegant Turban: earn all other achievements
  • Dinosaur Hat: obtained from tailoring
  • Totem Mask: obtained from tailoring
  • Logo Cap: obtained from tailoring
  • Wearable Dwarf Helm: obtained from tailoring
  • Fashion Hat: obtained from tailoring
  • Pumpkin Mask: obtained from tailoring
  • Hair Bone: obtained from tailoring
  • Spotted Headscarf: obtained from tailoring
  • Beanie: obtained from tailoring
  • Floppy Beanie: obtained from tailoring
  • Fishing Hat: obtained from tailoring
  • Blobfish Mask: obtained from tailoring
  • Party Hat: obtained from tailoring (comes in red, blue, and green colors)
  • White Turban: obtained from tailoring, or as a random drop from treasure chests in the Skull Cavern
  • Golden Mask: obtained from tailoring
  • Propeller Hat: obtained from tailoring
  • Bridal Veil: obtained from tailoring
  • Witch Hat: obtained from tailoring
  • Warrior Helmet: obtained from tailoring
  • Radioactive Goggles: obtained from tailoring
  • Swashbuckler Hat: obtained from tailoring
  • Qi Mask: obtained from tailoring
  • Star Helmet: obtained from tailoring
  • Sunglasses: obtained from tailoring
  • Goggles: obtained from tailoring
  • Forager’s Hat: obtained from tailoring
  • Flat Topped Hat: obtained from tailoring
  • Pirate Hat: obtained from tailoring
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It’s likely not a realistic goal to get every hat in Stardew Valley. Many of these can be obtained through normal gameplay, but they can only wear one hat at a time. So, find one that looks the most stylish, and wear it proudly, or wear a different hat for every day of the week.

Stardew Valley is available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Linux, Android, and iOS.

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