Animal Crossing: New Horizons, like many other life-sim titles, has a plethora of materials to be collected. These materials and objects can be used to craft multiple items throughout the game, including tools that you need to collect even more materials. Crafting in Animal Crossing has always been a staple, and New Horizons is no exception. Some of these crafting materials include weeds, stone, clay, iron nuggets, gold nuggets, wood, and tree branches.

Players can obtain crafting materials by playing the game naturally. However, there are certain things to look out for which will allow the player to collect these materials more efficiently, as well as a certain method to collect items if needed in a time crunch. This guide will cover this method and point out certain things which need to be done daily on the player’s island to gain more materials.


How to Obtain Crafting Materials Faster

Do Daily Tasks Around The Island Efficiently 

There are certain things on the player’s island which need to be done on the daily to maximize the amount of crafting materials that can be obtained. First and foremost, the player needs to be sure that they are effectively hitting all five of the rocks on their island every day. Walk up to the rock, turn around, and dig two holes behind the avatar. These holes will eliminate the kickback from the shovel strikes, this way the player can hit the rock all eight times before the timer runs out. If done correctly, after hitting the rock, there will be eight crafting materials which the player can pick up. These will include clay, stone, iron nuggets, and gold nuggets. Do this will all five rocks every day and gaining more of these materials will become much easier. Something else the player needs to do every day is traverse the entirety of their island to pick up any weeds that might have sprouted up overnight. Weeds can be used in some crafting recipes (including medicine), so it’s recommended to have a good amount in storage. The next thing which players need to do daily is hit the trees around their island with an axe to obtain more wood. Each tree will drop three pieces of wood, which include softwood, wood, and hardwood. Keep in mind that a stone axe needs to be used, because a metal axe will cut down the tree. Finally, the player can go around their island and shake any tree in order to obtain more tree branches. The branches will not fall after every shake, but continually doing so to the same tree will drop a total of eight tree branches per tree. This is an extremely quick way to get more tree branches, which are crucial materials needed for most tool recipes.

Deplete Resources At Mystery Islands

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All of the methods of obtaining more materials mentioned above can be brought to another location. If the player is on a time crunch and they are out of materials which are obtained by striking rocks, but they have already hit their rocks for that day, purchase a Nook Miles Ticket and take a trip to a mystery island. Going to a mystery island with the right tools is a great, fast way to get more crafting materials in a pinch. Most mystery islands have plenty of trees, weeds, and rocks to be utilized. Wipe the mystery island of its many crafting materials and bring them back to the home island for a quick restock on materials.

Crafting materials are crucial in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Knowing how to obtain each one quickly and efficiently is important for players trying to maximize their crafting output. As long as the player keeps up on their daily tasks outlined in this guide and travels to mystery islands to wipe them of their resources whenever they can, having a shortage of crafting materials will be a thing of the past.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available on Nintendo Switch.

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