After an unsatisfying season with Clayton Echard, The Bachelor fans are turning their backs on the show and instead choosing to watch Fox’s, Joe Millionaire. Since the start of season 26, The Bachelor fans were not pleased with Clayton, calling him indecisive and boring. Bachelor Nation found his appearance on the show to be underwhelming and thought there were other potential bachelors who would have been better choices. The show’s star originally starred on The Bachelorette season 18 with Michelle Young but seemed to fade to the background, never offering fans much entertainment or evoking their attention. Fans don’t seem to think he has what it takes to carry the show on his own.


However, over on the Fox network, fans are loving bachelors Kurt Sowers and Steven McBee on Joe Millionaire. Similar to The Bachelor, Steven and Kurt are both searching for love and were given 18 women to choose from; they’ve since narrowed contestants down to 6 women. The show differs not only because there are two bachelors but also because one bachelor is rich while the other is not, and the contestants have no idea which is which. Kurt and Steven have developed a strong friendship on the show, and according to social media, the two still hang out regularly. They bring a lot of personality and comedy to the show, which has made them very likable to fans of the show.

With Kurt and Steven’s likability, fans have admitted they’ve chosen to tune into Joe Millionaire instead of The Bachelor. Former Joe Millionaire contestant Breanna Hagen caught onto fans’ love for the show and tweeted, “Is it just me or are a lot of Bachelor fans turning into Joe Millionaire fans? #joemillionaire #reality #Bachelor.” Her tweet was flooded with replies from fans who agreed that the Fox show was superior to the current season of The Bachelor. Fans seem to not only appreciate Kurt and Steven’s friendship but also really like the contestants on the show.

User @cavages responded, “It’s so much better. I love the bromance and appreciate the bigger focus on the building of relationships vs. the bullying and petty drama. I am so disgusted with shanae this season of bachelor/ I don’t even want to watch TWTA.” The fan was not the only one with this opinion as many other The Bachelor fans responded agree with the Twitter user. Many fans also called out the toxicity of The Bachelor, claiming that Joe Millionaire is a much healthier option. What fans really seem to like about the Fox show is that it focuses on relationship building over starting drama simply for ratings.

It seems The Bachelor may be in trouble if they don’t start switching up the format of the show. As the world changes rapidly, it’s important for shows to keep up with the pace and if old structures aren’t working anymore, they may need to rethink the show. Joe Millionaire certainly offers a fresh perspective on dating shows and while there is still some drama, there are also a lot of heartfelt moments between the bachelors and the contestants. Hopefully, The Bachelor will listen to their fans and make sure next season is up to par.

Joe Millionaire airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on Fox.

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Sources: Breanna Hagen/ Twitter, @Cavages/ Twitter


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