Certain viewers are curious to learn more about Bachelor In Paradise season 7 co-host Lance Bass, who is best known for being in the NSYNC boyband alongside Justin Timberlake. When production first released its brand-new slate of co-hosts for season 7, it was the first time that Chris Harrison didn’t host Bachelor In Paradise. Chris’ firing came after he defended the eventual winner of The Bachelor season 25, Rachael Kirkconnell, in regards to certain photos that resurfaced from her past.

Among the many guest hosts appearing on BIP season 7, Lance Bass is appearing in that role for a couple of episodes. Many know Lance from his time with the popular 1990s boyband, NSYNC, which was originally active from 1995 to 2002. Over the years, there have been occasional NSYNC reunions after the band split up. Alas, some fans might not know that Lance is actually a very proud member of Bachelor Nation. Lance considers himself a superfan of The Bachelor franchise, so when he was asked to guest host Bachelor In Paradise season 7, he jumped at the chance to do it.


During an interview with People to promote his appearance on Bachelor In Paradise season 7, the former boyband member explained that he was never going to miss out on the opportunity to host a show he loves so much. Lance also remarked on how fun it was to co-host the season. He added, “Walking onto that beach for the first time, it took me 10 minutes to really kind of compose myself and not be like, the biggest freak fan. I’m like, ‘No, I’m here to host. I’m supposed to be cool. Just play it cool!” Even though Bass was only the guest host for a week, he wanted to give the best advice that he possibly could to the contestants on BIP season 7.

Bachelor Nation fans were aware that the series’ longtime host, Chris, wasn’t coming back for BIP this year. After taking a leave from The Bachelor, Chris eventually announced that he wouldn’t be returning to host any of the shows within this franchise. With Chris’ departure and a new season of Bachelor In Paradise in the works, celebrity guest hosts were tapped in to replace him on the show. Even though Lance only hosted Bachelor In Paradise for a week, it seems pretty safe to say that he will remain invested in what went down on the beach after his appearance.

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Being a super fan of the show, Lance will no doubt be tuning into the show to see what went down after his time as celebrity guest host came to an end. Even though he was only a guest host, Lance has expressed interest in hosting The Bachelor permanently following Chris’ departure. Alas, only time will tell. For now, viewers can tune into Bachelor In Paradise to see which contestants will form real connections throughout the season.

Bachelor In Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

Source: People

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