Battlefield 2042 will take players to a near-future world engulfed in all-out war, and with the new setting comes numerous new options for dealing with the enemy. Customization has always been big when it comes to the Battlefield franchise. From choosing which class to play to which weapons and gadgets are right for the job, selecting the right tools for the scenario, whether it be a full-scale vehicle assault or a close-quarters firefight, is part of each Battlefield game’s appeal.

Thankfully, it looks like DICE’s latest multiplayer-only entry in the beloved FPS franchise is taking loadout customization to a whole other level. New gadgets, as well as Specialist abilities and the ability to equip any weapon on any Specialist, means players will have more options to choose from than ever before when it comes to being able to play however they want. Everything from the looks of Specialist to weapons and vehicles can be customized, both for gameplay purposes and for cosmetic reasons.


Even better, some of the customization can be done with the press of a button mid-battle. It’s called the Plus Menu, and it looks to make preparing for different multiplayer scenarios easier and more intuitive than ever before. Here’s what is known about the new system so far, and how it could be a real game-changer for Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 Plus Menu Allows Weapons Customization Mid-Battle

As seen in the Battlefield 2042 gameplay reveal trailer, players will be able to customize their weapon attachments mid-battle without having to pull up an intrusive menu screen. Instead, attachment customization is done via the new Plus Menu, a holographic menu of sorts that appears next to the currently equipped weapon. From there, players can swap out sights, magazines, barrel attachments, and more.

In Battlefield 2042’s recent trailer, fans can see the soldier riding inside the elevator heading towards the roof is preparing for a close quarters combat encounter, equipping a red dot sight, a suppressor, and a drum magazine. This is all done in a short, few seconds long elevator ride. There are no animations of having to take off one attachment and replace it with another; the new attachments simply appear and disappear with a press of a button. While it might not look fancy, it’s fast and fluid, and could be a real game changer for players who love to prepare for the scenario at hand rather than always have a go-to loadout.

Right now, it’s unclear if players will be able to swap abilities or gadgets mid-battle without having to go into a menu, but even so, giving players the tools to customize their weapons at any time is a big deal. Battlefield is all about adapting to the situation at hand, and now DICE is giving players the tools to do just that, without having to die, go into a menu, and then respawn with a loadout that may already no longer be needed.

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It’s just one of the ways Battlefield 2042 is shaping up to be an ambitious new entry in DICE’s long-running franchise. From new ways to traverse the environment (like wingsuits and grapplehooks) to an increased player count, as well as massive environmental hazards like tornadoes and unprecedented destruction, the latest entry in Battlefield series looks to be going all-out.

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