Captain Glenn ofBelow Deck Sailing Yacht is sharing some shocking details behind the dock boat crash that left viewers shocked. The accident looked pretty bad, but luckily, no one got hurt. So what exactly happened on the boat, and why did it malfunction?

Glenn Shephard is the newest of the three captains to the Below Deck franchise. The captain’s sailboats are all about catching the wind as their sleek design is top of the line. The living quarters on Below Deck Sailing Yacht may be a bit smaller, and the stew stations are almost nonexistent, but fans are getting a drama-packed season. The crew is intertwined thanks to a love triangle, and the chief stew has had it up to her limit with the lack of help. Above all, the captain is a leader who doesn’t micromanage and genuinely enjoys his laid-back life.


Captain Glenn is a true sailor since he has to depend on the wind and manipulate the boat accordingly with the help of his seamen, but even salty old seas dogs get into an accident every so often. Fans watched Monday’s episode as the captain looked horrified at the fact that he had lost his power steering and was heading for a collision course with the cement dock. Viewers could hear him radioing the crew, saying, “There’s something wrong with the engine.” Then, while chatting with Cheat Sheet, he revealed he felt the impact.

The captain was seen cursing, and he admitted he might have overreacted, saying, “And when I’m feeling the impact, I’m fearing the worst and thinking, ‘Oh my God, this is really, really bad.’ In the end, it’s not quite as bad as I feared.” Yachtie fans will recall that almost every captain on the franchise has had an issue with the power shutting down at some point. While Captain Glenn didn’t go into too much detail, he did say it was the worse accident he had been a part of. 

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The Below Deck Sailing Yacht crash caused $20,000 worth of damage, but Captain Glenn took full responsibility. The crew did catch a lucky break since the paint company owed the captain a respray which could have cost them a heavy price. Naturally, all boats are covered with insurance, but it just goes to show even the best drivers can have an off day. 

Source: Cheat Sheet


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