Better Call Saul star Bob Odenkirk does not expect Gene to have a happy ending in season 6. While Better Call Saul primarily deals with Jimmy McGill’s slow transformation into Saul Goodman, the drama features another ongoing storyline set after the events of Breaking Bad. Throughout the series’ run, there have been a number of black-and-white segments detailing Saul’s life as Gene Takovic as he manages a Cinnabon in Omaha. Due to the high-profile nature of his past life, Saul is constantly in fear of being discovered. In fact, he’s already been recognized by a mysterious cab driver.

Viewers have some idea how Jimmy’s story ends (becoming the Saul seen in Breaking Bad), but Gene’s fate remains very much up in the air. There are a number of directions the creative team can go with this thread, and with Better Call Saul season 6 being the show’s last, there will undoubtedly be some kind of resolution to Gene’s story. Odenkirk is hopeful for a happy sendoff, but he’s advising the audience not to expect that.


In an interview with People (via Yahoo), Odenkirk discussed Better Call Saul season 6, confirming there will be “closure” for Gene. What that entails remains to be seen, but it sounds like the smart money is on Gene suffering more misery:

“They will be pursuing that story to its end. So we’ll see what happens. I don’t know what. I want him to have a happy ending, but don’t put your money on that.”

Early in Better Call Saul season 5, Gene was set to enlist help from Ed, before deciding he was going to take care of the problem (most likely the cab driver) himself. It’ll be interesting to see what Gene’s plan is, but based on Odenkirk’s comments, it has the potential to backfire. One of the best things about Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul is they never shy from depicting the consequences of characters’ actions. Jimmy, who once had a promising future as an honest lawyer, made a series of bad choices that landed him living under an alias in Omaha. It would be fitting in this universe if Jimmy was forced to pay for his crimes, either by going to jail or meeting his end.

Of course, Vince Gilligan isn’t averse to happy endings, as evidenced by Jesse Pinkman’s peaceful sendoff in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. That may not be in the cards for Gene, however, though it’s worth mentioning Odenkirk isn’t going to spoil anything about Better Call Saul season 6 right now. He’s deliberately playing coy in his response, while expressing his personal desires for the character. Whatever Gilligan and company have in store for Gene, it will hopefully be well-received. Ending are notoriously tricky to get right, but Breaking Bad has one of the best TV finales and El Camino earned positive reviews. Hopefully, Gilligan goes three-for-three in crafting farewells for his main Breaking Bad trio.

Source: PeopleTV (via Yahoo)

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