Former houseguest Jason Roy has shared a few comments on Big Brother 22: All-Stars that criticize Tyler Crispen but defend Enzo Palumbo. Jason has played Big Brother twice. His first time was BB17, where he was a popular player for his sense of humor and overall knowledge of the game. Ultimately, however, Jason landed in 13th place after exposing his accurate theory that Liz had a twin also participating on the show. A year later, Jason came back to compete on Big Brother: Over The Top, which was the first digital season of the American show. He got all the way to the Final 2 but lost the grand prize to Morgan Willett.


Big Brother 22 contestant Enzo Palumbo’s first time on the show was on BB12, where he was part of the Brigade alliance alongside Hayden Moss, Lane Elenburg, and Matt Hoffman. Their group dominated the entire season, taking Enzo, Hayden, and Lane to the Final 3. However, he lost the last HOH competition to his allies and was subsequently evicted in third place. In turn, Tyler Crispen first competed on BB20, where he was part of the six-person Level Six alliance. He strategized his way to the Final 2, but lost the grand prize to Kaycee Clark in the end.

Now, Jason Roy has taken to social media to share a few comments concerning Big Brother: All-Stars contestants Tyler Crispen and Enzo Palumbo. Jason started out replying to a tweet from a fan saying that Tyler was going to do some damage in the BB22 house. “Tyler? Damage? The jokes,” Jason started. He then called Tyler a very “defensive player.” Later, Jason shared another tweet where he recalled meeting Tyler and Enzo in real life. According to Jason, Enzo was “full of love full of fun.” On the other hand, Jason felt like Tyler just “shut the f**k up and did what ever Angela told him to.” Lastly, Jason tweeted a comment (seen below) where he doubled down on the idea that Tyler isn’t going to do anything on the show.

A few hours later, Jason came to Enzo’s defense once again after reading a comment that had little to do with All-Stars itself and more to do with Enzo’s personal life. The original poster claimed that Enzo was “an extrovert that hates women, and cheated on his wife.” Then, the original poster claimed that Tyler was introverted, but that he genuinely loves his girlfriend Angela Rummans. In response, Jason said, “That is a very bold statement about someone’s relationship and life you know nothing about.”

Given that Tyler and Enzo haven’t been enemies at all so far on Big Brother 22, it is not entirely clear why Jason Roy and certain fans have been drawing this parallel. In any case, it was still interesting for BB fans to hear what Jason’s experiences meeting these All-Stars were like.

Big Brother 22: All-Stars airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays at 8pm EST on CBS.

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Sources: Jason’s Twitter

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