Much of Big Brother 23 has focused around the dominating Cookout alliance working to achieve its goal of making it to the final six together, and Kyland Young’s recent drama with Xavier Prather took fans by surprise. Fans at home knew that once the Cookout started to evict its own members, things would get interesting as the alliance would be forced to turn on each other. Last week, Kyland was blindsided when Derek Frazier chose to keep Azah Awasum over him, resulting in Kyland blowing up on former HOH Xavier. However, this blow-up may have actually been production’s fault.

Although the Cookout did succeed in making Big Brother history, the drama they faced in the final six turned out to be quite disappointing to fans. This was mainly due to the second Double Eviction of BB23 that sent both Tiffany Mitchell and Hannah Chaddha to the jury house on the same night. It was not until the following week that viewers got to see the drama unfold within the former alliance. Kyland was left completely blindsided when Derek cast his sole vote to evict him Thursday night. This led to Kyland exchanging some personal and potentially hurtful words with Xavier on his way out.


Typically, evicted houseguests are forced to exit the Big Brother house immediately after the house vote is revealed. During every live eviction episode, host Julie Chen Moonves emphasizes to the two nominees that they have “just a few moments” to say goodbye to the remaining houseguests, grab their bag, and leave. Even though she did say that during Kyland’s eviction, it was not reinforced as he began to linger inside the house. Overall, this was when his exchange with Xavier escalated. As fans watched in shock at home, they waited for production to step in, but it took producers a long time to react.

Since the houseguests’ every move is monitored, production will always step in whenever a situation becomes too heated between contestants. In this particular scenario, Kyland and Xavier not only had a verbal exchange, but they continued to inch closer to each other and clearly concerned Derek F. and Azah that things could turn physical. Despite the personal jabs Kyland threw at Xavier and Xavier’s clearly irritated reaction to what was being said, production allowed their interaction to linger inside the house. It was only when the two were nearly face-to-face that Julie finally issued an ultimatum for Kyland to leave the house immediately.

Had production waited any longer, the outcome of this argument could have been entirely different. Luckily, Xavier managed to hold his cool as Kyland continued to offend his game and his family on a personal level. Realistically, however, this situation should have never taken place. Production should have made sure that Kyland left immediately following his BB23 eviction from the house, just like it is done every single week, especially when his comments to Xavier became unrelated to gameplay.

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Big Brother 23 airs Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm EST on CBS.

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