As the world of Biomutant was left behind by its previous inhabitants, the Toxanol, players may encounter various dangerous environments. These include radiation, biohazard, extreme heat, extreme cold, and hypoxia, all of which have suits to resist them. Each of these suits takes a bit of a journey to find, but a relatively similar route.

While players can focus on a specific type of resistance when making their character, and later invest bio points into bringing up the resistance. However, this can become incredibly expensive if the player is looking to building up all of their possible resistances. Plus, players will have to get the Oxygen Suit no matter what, as there is no resistance for players to deal with not having oxygen.


Where to Find the Heat and Cold Environment Suits in Biomutant

Each of the hazardous areas that players will enter will start the player on the quest to find the suit for that environment. However, players should be able to still find the suit without starting the quest. In this case, players should head to the associated pingdish location.

Heat Zone Suit Location:

Starting at Pingdish 6K, slightly southeast of Riffareef Outpost, complete the pingdish puzzle. This is done by rotating the dish around until the player finds the spot with the most rings and activates it. This will then grant the player the actual location of the suit at Bangshelter 6L which is near the H Two O Outpost. The heat zone suit will be inside a yellow metal and glass case on the wall.

Cold Zone Suit Location:

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Start at Pingdish 9H, just north of the Tree of Life. Solving the puzzle here will tell the player where to find the suit at Bangshelter 10E. This shelter is south of the Fluffhulk Nest and north of the Sparkplant. Clear out the area and grab the white suit from the orange metal and glass casing.

Where to Find the Bio-Hazard and Radiation Suits in Biomutant

Bio-Hazard Suit Location:

Head to Pingdish 6E. This will be to the east of the Silo 6E and south of the Urfidurf Outpost. Here players will need to swing the dish around until it receives the highest amount of rings bouncing off of it. This will then give the player the proper location of the Bio-Hazard suit, which is Bangshelter 6D. The Bangshelter is just south of the Sknapptrutt Outpost. Simply clear the Shelter and bust the orange suit out of its red metal and glass casing.

Radiation Suit Location:

Start at Pingdish 3F, which is south of the Manufactorium. Solving the pingdish puzzle will reveal that the suit is located in Bangshelter 2G, on the other side of Bio-Nucleus 3F from the pingdish. It will be a neon green suit within a yellow metal and glass casing.

Where to Find the Oxygen Suit in Biomutant

Lastly, players will need to get the Oxygen suit to explore the Hypoxia zones. Players should either have the heat zone suit or a higher heat resistance to do this quest as well as a level two Klawbar. This can be gotten from Pebble near the Sknapptrutt Outpost. Then complete his side mission after finding him to get it to level two.

Oxygen Suit Location:

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Start at Pingdish 11H, which is northwest of the Benearth Outpost. After fighting off the enemies here, use the pingdish to solve for the location of the oxygen suit. To do this, players will need to get past a strong vault door, which requires the player to have a level two Klawbar. Align the pingdish after entering and the location of the suit will be revealed. It is in Bangshelter 11I, just northeast of the pingdish in a hotter desert area. Inside the bangshelter, players should find the dark green suit in an orange metal and glass case.

Biomutant is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Coming soon to PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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