An alleged BioShock 4 leak has reportedly revealed the game’s title, along with new details on its world settings and story. While BioShock 4 has been confirmed by publisher Take-Two, players are still in the dark as to what the experience will entail. Fans have been waiting for a new entry in the beloved franchise since BioShock Infinite released in 2013, and hopes are high for the next addition to the iconic series.

While news on BioShock 4 is thin on the ground, a number of game details have been revealed through job listings posted by developer Cloud Chamber. The posts have announced that the game is being developed using Unreal Engine 5, and is set to have an open-world setting. The developer has teased that the game won’t feature Rapture or Columbia as its main setting, suggesting that an all-new world will serve as the game’s backdrop. Rumors have suggested that BioShock 4 could release in 2022, making it unclear if the new entry will release on last-gen consoles.


Twitter user OopsLeaks (via TheGamer) has allegedly revealed new BioShock 4 details, sharing what they claim are slideshows from a 2019 BioShock developer presentation. The user cites the title as BioShock Isolation, noting that this may have since been changed in light of the global pandemic. According to the leaks, Isolation will feature two cities, one that’s thriving and led by a successful entrepreneur, and another that’s underground and led by a dictator. The two warring cities are reportedly separated by some sort of border, which serves as a hot zone. The leaked slides corroborate job listings that state BioShock 4 is open-world, suggesting that the player will be traveling between these different cities throughout the game.

While the leaks don’t offer specific details on the story and characters, the overall themes seem to align with prior BioShock games. All three BioShock games feature communities led by idealized leaders with misaligned politics, seen throughout Rapture and Columbia. One of the slides shared by the leaker includes multiple references to BioShock Infinite in particular, reframing the game’s infamous lighthouse quote to focus instead on cities, and utilizing the bird and cage symbols seen in the story. OopsLeaks reports that BioShock 4 will be revealed in Q1 2022, which if true, will place the reveal sometime between January and April.

The new BioShock 4 leaks are currently unconfirmed, and while slides revealed by OopsLeaks may look real, the news should be taken with a grain of salt until addressed by official sources. The documents are also believed to be from 2019, with some details likely to have changed even if true. With BioShock 4 ready to stray from Rapture once again and embrace a new setting, fans will hopefully get to see Cloud Chamber’s upcoming game soon.

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Source: OopsLeaks/Twitter (via TheGamer)

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