Players will need to find Missing Kittens on Lake Lapcat of Bowser’s Fury. This guide will show players where they can find them all. Bowser’s Fury is one of the biggest additions to come to a Wii U port on the Nintendo Switch. While games like Xenoblade Chronicles and Pikmin 3 all received additional content when they made the jump, Super Mario 3D World brings the same game feel and mechanics and recontextualizes them. Instead of heading to a flag pole at the end of the level, players must explore a massive open world full of hidden collectibles to find. Similar to titles like Super Mario Odyssey and Super Mario 64, players can tackle these objectives in whatever order they feel like. One of the objectives in this game mode is to find Missing Kittens that are scattered around the world map. This guide will show players where they can find them.


There are two mother cats that have lost their kittens in Lake Lapcat. The first one can be found near the Lakeside Giga Bell while that latter is available at the Wasteland Giga Bell. Finding these cats will reward the player with a Cat Shine. Players will want to collect all 100 of these items to unlock the secret boss and ending. Here is where players can find every Missing Kitten in Bowser’s Fury.

Where To Find The Missing Kittens in Bowser’s Fury.

As mentioned, players will be able to find all of the Missing Kittens not too far from their broken mothers. Here is where players can find them all.

  • Lost Kittens Near The Ruins #1: Located on the shore of the beach of where the Lakeside Giga Bell is.
  • Lost Kittens Near The Ruins #2: Standing on the cat arch at Clawswipe Colosseum.
  • Lost Kittens Near The Ruins #3: At the entrance arch of Crisp Climb Castle. If the player drops the kitten, it will respawn in this location.
  • Lost Kittens in the Wasteland #1: To the left side of the Wasteland Giga Bell.
  • Lost Kittens in the Wasteland #2: On the top of the entrance to Pipe Path Tower.
  • Lost Kittens in the Wasteland #3: On the end of the pier on the southern edge of the island.
  • Lost Kittens in the Wasteland #4: Located at Risky Whisker Island.
  • Lost Kittens in the Wasteland #5: Near the lighthouse at Mount Magmeow.

Players will want to help these adorable kittens return back to their lost mother. Bowser’s Fury reintroduces Mario back to his collect-a-thon roots and goes wild with all the gameplay mechanics of Super Mario 3D World. Hopefully, a true 3D Mario sequel will release after the small taste this one has provided.

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Bowser’s Fury is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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