Warning: Spoilers ahead for Bridgerton season 2.

Bridgerton season 2’s explanation for Simon’s absence doesn’t fully make sense. The end of Bridgerton season 1 saw Simon Basset and Daphne Bridgerton welcome a child together, wrapping up their storyline in more ways than one. And while it was established that Netflix’s romance series was going to shift its focus to Anthony’s search for a wife, fans were still surprised to discover Regé-Jean Page would not be gracing the screen as Simon in Bridgerton season 2.

In Bridgerton season 2, Daphne and Simon’s love story is over (at least onscreen) and, while Daphne is still very much a part of the family Bridgerton, the central characters of the new season are Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma, who has arrived to London from India and who is immediately thrust into Anthony’s orbit. To be sure, Bridgerton season 2 doesn’t forget at all about Simon. Just because he’s not onscreen doesn’t mean he’s been tossed aside, never to be mentioned or anything.


However, the reasons for Simon’s absence aren’t given. He isn’t away on business, nor has he had a falling out with the ton and the Bridgertons. An excuse for why he doesn’t show up to important events — such as Anthony’s wedding or the Bridgerton’s ball in episode 4 — doesn’t make sense precisely because of the lack of information provided. After all, he’s a part of the Bridgerton family now and his presence is likely expected for the social season and for pertinent events, especially considering that he and Anthony are friends. In season 2 episode 1, “Capital R Rake,” Daphne returns to her family’s home to witness sister Eloise’s debut for the ton’s social season, claiming she left her husband and child at home to be there for the momentous occasion. It works for the moment — that is, if Daphne had remained in Mayfair without heading back home to her new family.

Daphne reappears throughout Bridgerton season 2, but it’s always without Simon. August, Daphne and Simon’s son, makes a couple of appearances as well, and the eldest Bridgerton daughter briefly discusses her marriage to Simon to her mother Violet. But that is about it. Simon is clearly still around, alive and supposedly doing well, but there isn’t much of an explanation given as to his lack of presence onscreen. In the season 2 finale, Daphne reveals that six months being away is nothing for a newlywed couple. The initial comment was about Anthony and Kate, but Daphne’s response suggests Simon may have also been traveling. In one instance, Daphne’s own absence is explained by way of a cough baby August has developed, but still nothing clear about Simon.

Ultimately, the lack of Simon in Bridgerton season 2 doesn’t derail the story nor is his absence deeply felt since there is a new love story unfolding. However, the fact that the romance series never fully gives a concrete reason for the duke’s continued absence doesn’t fit in with the story and makes his disappearance all the more strange. Simon is still very much a part of Bridgerton’s world even though he isn’t onscreen, but the series could have done a better job explaining why he isn’t around in season 2.

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