Freaks and Geeks star Busy Philipps says she’d like to see a reboot of the show that takes place in the year 2000. A teen drama created by Paul Feig with Judd Apatow serving as executive producer, Freaks and Geeks focused on a suburban high school in Detroit and took place between 1980 and 1981. But, more than any specific plot details, the short-lived series is remembered for having an ensemble that would go on to achieve a much greater level of fame. Along with Philipps, the dramedy starred  James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, Busy Philipps, John Francis Daley, Martin Starr, Samm Levine, and Linda Cardellini.


Freaks and Geeks, lauded by critics and television aficionados as one of the greatest shows of all time, is also remembered for being unfairly canceled by NBC after only 12 episodes had aired. The series was marred by an inconsistent, shifting schedule, in addition to clashes between the network and the writers. More than 20 years after its finale aired, new viewers are still discovering the dramedy and, in recent remarks, Rogen encouraged audiences to check out Freaks and Geeks on Hulu.

Given its status as a cult classic, many of those associated with the show are still asked about it. That includes Philipps, who played Kim Kelly. The actress recently reflected on Freaks and Geeks during an interview with TV Insider, saying of all the series she’s been a part of, including Dawson’s Creek and Cougar Town, it’d make the most sense to bring back Freaks and Geeks. She also explained why the revival should be set in 2000. Read Philipps’ quote below.

“Freaks and Geeks. It was set in 1980, which was about 20 years when we filmed it in 1999 to 2000. I feel like they can set a new version in the year 2000. I missed the Friends reunion. I think any of those shows would be amazing to go [back to for a reunion], especially because so many people are watching them now. It’s always fun to see casts get together.”

In terms of the viability of a revival, Feig told Looper last year that it might be possible – except for how it would be difficult to pay the cast to appear in several episodes now that so many of them are big movie stars and notable actors on the small screen. Given the fact that Apatow passed on MTV’s offer to resurrect Freaks and Geeks many years ago and there’s been little development since then, it’s fair to say the cult comedy won’t be returning anytime soon.

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Still, if it were to be brought back, Philipps makes a good point about the time period. Nostalgia for the 1980s and its pop culture was dominant for a stretch. Though signs of that do remain, it has expanded to allow for a revival of the 1990s. Soon, that will shift as well and audiences will begin to witness movies and series which examine the early aughts with a definite fondness. For as short-lived as it was during its original run, a reboot of Freaks and Geeks would be a great vessel for that inevitable 2000s nostalgia.

Source: TV Insider, Looper

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