Saturday Night Live started off season 47 strong with a Cars sketch featuring Owen Wilson as an R-rated version of Lightning McQueen. SNL’s premiere episode starred Loki’s Wilson as its guest host and Kasey Musgraves as its musical guest. The hosts for the next three episodes have also been revealed, with Kim Kardashian West and Halsey on deck for guest host and musical guest for episode 2. They will be followed by Rami Malek and Young Thug, and Ted Lasso’s Jason Sudeikis and Brandi Carlile. Most of the central SNL cast has remained the same, however, Beck Bennett and Lauren Holt will not be back for this season. New cast members Sarah Sherman and James Austin Johnson have joined in their place.


Cars 4 hasn’t been announced by Disney, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to many viewers if it were to be confirmed soon. The Cars saga follows the little red car that could, Lightning McQueen, as he competes in major races and makes friends along the way. The Cars franchise has been hugely successful for Pixar. Not only has the studio created film projects Cars, Cars 2 and Cars 3, but the franchise is getting a Disney+ series titled Cars: The Series. Another one of Pixar’s big hits, Toy Story, has been stretched across four movies so far, so it’s certainly possible for Cars.

SNL uploaded its recent Cars 4 sketch from the October 2 episode to YouTube. In the video, Wilson thinks he’s coming in for a regular recording session for another family-friendly Disney sequel. He is greeted by the animation team, played by Mikey Day and Punkie Johnson, who inform him that they don’t know too much about the film because they were only sent small segments. Aside from the overabundant use of “Kachow!” the script appears to be standard. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, McQueen becomes “the bad guy” when he starts, as Wilson puts it, “creeping on girl cars and then arguing with their dads and husbands.” Watch this strange new version of Lightning McQueen in the clip below:

After Wilson insists that Lightning McQueen seems very off in this script, the team send in Larry the Cable guy, played by James Austin Johnson. McQueen’s character only gets worse as he continues to say highly inappropriate things to his fellow characters. Just when Wilson is about to walk away from the bizarre scene, however, he reads the hefty salary on his contract and agrees to compromise his morals for the role, saying “this thing isn’t gonna record itself!” Most fans will remember that Wilson actually voiced Lightning McQueen in the first three Cars movies, so his delivery of these new, far from child-friendly lines (including the accidental “back off, j**k-off!”) make the sketch particularly hilarious.

SNL has plenty to live up to for season 47, as the last season came in hot. The season 46 premiere had the highest ratings that SNL had in four years. This made sense given that 2020 was an election year. The show has always thrived during political events, given it isn’t afraid to go for the jugular with its satire and poke fun at both sides of the political spectrum. However, 2021 has brought in plenty of material, and there’s certainly more than enough in 2020 for years of backlog. The Cars sketch shows that season 47 a lot of potential if the writers continue to push the creative envelope in future episodes.

Source: SNL/YouTube

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