Chucky creator Don Mancini is teasing the possible appearance of Glen/Glenda in season 2. Mancini has been involved with the franchise throughout its duration, creating and writing the original Child’s Play that first introduced fans to horror icon Chucky, the serial killer doll. Developed by Syfy and USA Network, the new Chucky series proved to be a successful installment, generating positive reviews from critics and having one of the most-watched premieres of the year. The show serves as a sequel to the seventh film, Cult of Chucky, and follows the doll as he commits a series of murders in a quiet New Jersey community.


Chucky‘s cast sees the return of the doll’s original voice actor Brad Dourif, and adds new talent in Zackary Arthur, Björgvin Arnarson, Alyvia Alyn Lind, and Teo Briones. Fans of the show last saw the city of Hackensack return to a sense of normalcy, despite the casualties, after erupting into chaos as Chucky’s plan nearly came to fruition. News of a Chucky season 2 means that the series can further extend its story, and the mention of Glenda’s name in the finale, as well as the reintroduction of the Tiffany doll, has fans speculating that it will explore more plot points from 2003’s Seed of Chucky. Of course, the last time Chucky’s children were seen was in Seed of Chucky, when Glen and Glenda’s personas were successfully transferred into separate bodies.

In a recent interview with Fandom, Mancini talked about the moment Tiffany utters Glenda’s name for the first time. He chose to keep quiet about where the two currently were though, hinting that they might return to the series in some capacity. Mancini said fans likely “haven’t seen the last” of the pair. Read his quote when asked about Glen and Glenda’s whereabouts below:

“This is probably one where I’m not allowed to say too much, but I love those characters. I think it’s probably safe for me to say that you haven’t seen the last of them.”

Fans have been asking for Glen/Glenda to make an appearance for some time now. Chucky‘s season finale sets up their return and has given way to fan theories surrounding how it might happen. The fact that Glenda assembled a bomb has led them to believe her behavior has not changed since Seed of Chucky and that she could take on an antagonist role, should she be an important addition to the show. One note many pointed out though, was that there was no mention of Glen, but with his fate last left up in the air, fans can expect him to be addressed as well.

The Chucky series has received plenty of support from long-time fans of the franchise, so adding in elements from past installments will almost certainly please them. With the Cult of Chucky cliffhanger intentionally setting up a television show, it seems that Mancini has always been looking ahead in terms of the franchise’s continuation. Fans can perhaps find more connections to previous installments when Chucky season 2 finally airs.

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Source: Fandom

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