The endlessly quotable Community is a heartwarming sitcom about a group of quirky people who find each other and hold on tightly during their time at a community college. The series lasted for six seasons, but it was a pretty dramatic time for fans as the creator and showrunner, Dan Harmon, was actually fired after the third season. Harmon came back for Season 5 and then Season 6 was released on Yahoo’s short-lived streaming service.

No TV show is flawless, and mistakes do occur in at least a few episodes of each series, whether a drama or comedy. The following 10 continuity errors took place on Community and fans didn’t notice them at all.

10 Did Troy Hurt His Knee Or His Shoulder?

Troy (Donald Glover) always does his best to cheer the group up, and he definitely makes fans laugh. He’s a well-crafted character who is sweet and enthusiastic, but there’s a continuity error involving which part of his body got hurt.

While the show says that Troy’s knee got hurt as a result of him flipping a keg, this wasn’t the case in Season 1 as fans heard that it was his shoulder.

9 Abed Has Chicken Fingers In One Shot And Doesn’t In Another

The Season 1 “Contemporary American Poultry” sees the gang totally and completely obsessed with the chicken fingers in the Greendale cafeteria. It’s such a hilarious episode that it would be easy to miss a pretty big continuity error involving Abed (Danny Pudi) and this prized junk food.

Near the conclusion of the episode, the Dean and Abed are chatting, and chicken fingers are clearly there. In the next shot, there are no chicken fingers at all, but they return when the camera goes to Abed once again. This definitely can’t be explained away.


8 Britta Is Holding A Phone And Then She’s Not

Britta (Gillian Jacobs) is a huge part of why Community is such a good show. Her character is cynical yet not so much that it’s depressing, and she plays off the energy of the other characters in a hilarious way.

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There’s a continuity error involving Britta in the Season 6 episode “Basic Email Security” involving her cell phone. In one scene, she’s holding her cell phone in her right hand, then her left, and in between those two shots, she moves her right hand around and she isn’t holding her phone at all.

7 Britta’s Sandwich And Tray Move

Besides the study room, the main characters on Community spend a lot of time at the Greendale cafeteria. Whether they’re in a bad mood, scheming, or simply eating some lunch, it’s always a hilarious scene.

The first episode of Season 6, “Ladders,” has a continuity error involving Britta and the sandwich that she has on a tray. One shot sees the sandwich vertical on the tray, and the tray isn’t directly near her. The previous shot, however, had the sandwich on the tray in a horizontal fashion, and the tray was closer to her.

6 Pierce Has A Bow Tie Next To His Bed And Then He Doesn’t

Pierce (Chevy Chase) is a tough character to like as he’s mean, intolerant, and makes offensive comments throughout the series. He has moments of vulnerability, however, especially when it comes to his family, personal life, and how lonely he is.

Pierce has a continuity error in the fourth season episode “Paranormal Parentage.” Fans learn that Pierce makes sure to put a bow tie that belonged to his father next to bed, and Britta is the one to mention this. But then Jeff leaves, and there is no bow tie at all.

5 Abed And Britta Are Both Totally Awake And Then Sleeping In The Same Scene

The Season 2 episode “Mixology Certification” has a continuity error involving Abed and Britta. They are both sleeping, and Abed has his head leaning on her shoulder. But the following shot shows that these two characters aren’t sleeping at all, and are in fact totally awake.

4 Britta Says Two Different Lines In Abed’s Movie

Abed’s greatest love is popular culture, and he really enjoys making movies throughout the show. The Season 1 episode “Introduction to Film” is super emotional as Britta wants Abed to take a film class, and he starts making his own film. This is very moving as it’s connected to his relationship with his dad.

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Britta says two different lines when she’s in Abed’s movie. She says, “Why won’t you answer me?” during the shooting of the movie. But when everyone watches the film, Britta’s line has been changed to, “Why will you not answer me?”

3 This Human Being Mascot Error

Community fans love the Human Being Mascot as this is such a unique feature of the show. It’s incredibly creepy, and only something that Greendale would do.

There’s a continuity error involving this mascot in the Season 1 episode “Advanced Criminal Law.” There are posters in some areas of the school that advertise this mascot, and yet it’s only in the episode that comes after it that the school comes up with the idea for it.

2 The Study Room Is Different

The most common set in Community has got to be the study room. It’s featured in almost every episode — if not every episode — and the group of friends is always hanging out here doing anything but actually studying.

There’s a continuity error involving the study room: while it’s away from stairs and it’s on the Greendale library’s first floor for the majority of the show, that’s not the case in the pilot. In the very first episode, it’s located on the library’s second floor with stairs beside it.

1 Annie Has Different Objects On The Desk In The Spanish Room

Annie (Alison Brie) is definitely the most studious and hardworking out of the group, sometimes to a fault, but it’s always hilarious.

In the Season 1 episode “English as a Second Language,” Annie’s textbooks and audio recorder are sitting on the desk that she uses in the room where the gang takes Spanish class. Before that, her desk had the audio recorder and no textbooks. This just goes to show that even the best shows, like Community, have some continuity errors.

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