Daniel Craig hosted Saturday Night Live this week and found time to poke fun at his over-the-top Southern accent from last year’s hit Knives Out. Rian Johnson’s refreshingly original whodunit became a cultural phenomenon following its Thanksgiving release last year, going on to gross over $300 million worldwide and earning an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay. In Knives Out, Craig plays Detective Benoit Blanc, a quirky Southern gentleman with what Chris Evans’ Ransom describes as a “Foghorn Leghorn drawl.” Fans were delighted to hear Englishman Craig go all in with the fun accent.


Knives Out has become such a hit that a sequel is already in development. Johnson will return to write and direct, and Craig will be the only cast member to return as the sequel will focus on a new mystery for Blanc to solve. The original Knives Out follows a wealthy family after their patriarch (Christopher Plummer) is murdered and Detective Blanc is brought in to investigate. The rest of its starry cast includes Ana de Armas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Don Johnson, Michael Shannon, Lakeith Stanfield, Jaeden Martell, Katherine Langford, and Toni Collette.

In the SNL sketch, Craig plays himself as he meets with Johnson (Mikey Day) and the Knives Out casting directors to develop his character. When Craig is asked if he can do a Southern accent, he brings in his eccentric accent coach (played by Beck Bennett), who clearly has never heard a proper Southern accent in his life. You can check out the sketch below:

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Knives Out was not the only Craig movie to get a sketch in the episode, as the upcoming James Bond flick No Time to Die received its own spoof. No Time to Die was recently pushed back from April to November as a result of the coronavirus impacting global moviegoing attendance. In both sketches, Craig was able to flex his comedic skills to great success.

It’s a big indication of Knives Out‘s success that SNL decided to base a sketch around it, and the writers even thought to reference Marta’s (de Armas) habitual vomiting (as a warning to those who have not watched the sketch yet). Craig’s Blanc is a fun, fascinating character, and it’s clear that Craig enjoys playing him. That only makes the idea of Knives Out 2 even more exciting. Now that Craig has wrapped up playing James Bond, hopefully he’ll find time for more comedic projects like Knives Out.

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