The Capra Demon from the original Dark Souls is one of the most frustrating bosses in the entire FromSoftware library, but players can dish out an annoying death of their own, as it’s possible to beat the boss with a pile of poop. The developers at FromSoftware are masters at the art of crafting bosses, from both a gameplay and a visual standpoint.

The Souls series is known for bosses that are incredibly tough, but fair. There are a handful of exceptions to this, such as the Shadow of Yharnham in Bloodborne spawning three difficult foes that constantly outmaneuver the player. This is a series that rewards player skill, so bosses that can tip the scale in their favor will take away a cornerstone of the whole experience. This is why the Bed of Chaos from the original Dark Souls is so hated, as it throws a jumping/movement puzzle boss right at the end of the game after players had just spent hours fighting enemies with conventional methods.


The Capra Demon in Dark Souls might be hated even more than the Bed of Chaos. It can be fought near the start of the game, at a point where the player’s access to gear and spells is limited. The Capra Demon is a massive, goat-headed monster with a huge cleaver in each hand. The boss is fought in a tiny arena with a staircase, which barely gives the player any room to maneuver. The Capra Demon has two dog companions, which are swift and have the ability to stunlock Dark Souls player with their attacks. Most Capra Demon runs involve the player getting cornered within the arena or stunlocked by the dogs, leaving them easy pickings for the Capra Demon’s massive blades. Players have come up with numerous strategies for taking this Dark Souls boss down, but there is a method that can be done without even entering the same room as the Capra Demon.

Dark Souls’ Capra Demon Barrier Bug

The Capra Demon’s room has the usual fog barrier that blocks the entrance to nearly every Dark Souls boss, which also prevents the player from leaving. In the case of the Capra Demon’s boss arena, however, there is a gap above the fog barrier. It’s possible for the player to take a few steps back from the fog barrier and throw Dung Pies into the room. The gap above the fog barrier still exists in Dark Souls Remastered, so players can still perform this trick on modern systems. This will poison the Capra Demon, slowly whittling down its health. It might take a while, but if the player keeps tossing poop into the room, then the Capra Demon will fall. It’s also possible to kill it with Firebombs using the same method.

Is poisoning the Capra Demon to death with balls of feces cheating? Probably, but the Capra Demon is the one who brought a bunch of attack dogs into the fight, so it’s not exactly playing fair itself. The Dark Souls series has some memorable boss battles, but the Capra Demon is remembered for negative reasons, as it uses cheap tactics to score victories against the player. Maybe it’s better to remember the Capra Demon as the one Dark Souls boss that can be defeated by raining poop on its head.

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