Deathloop features many challenges for players to accomplish, like gaining the ability to use Residuum and keep their weapons and completing the perfect loop. While every loop is going to be a bit different depending on each individual playthrough, there is a certain pathway that players can take to achieving the perfect loop. A perfect loop in Deathloop is regarded as a loop where players manage to kill all eight Visionaries.

While the exact circumstances of the loop will be different for each player, there is a general route players can take to finish a perfect loop. While the ending may be different for each player, all eight Visionaries must be killed to complete a perfect loop. Each Visionary can be taken out in different manners depending on player preference; however, there is a specific timeline that must occur for the loop to be “perfect.”


There are eight main Leads that players need to complete to access the Final Timeline. Players must finish Chaos Theory: The Harriet Lead, Radio Silence: The Julianna Lead, Devouring of the Lambs: The Aleksis Lead, Lost in Transmission: The Egor Lead, Space Invader: The Charlie Lead, Afternoon Delight: The Fia Lead, What Wenjies Want: The Wenjie Lead, and The Ballad of Ramblin’ Frank: The Frank Lead.

Completing The Perfect Loop In Deathloop

After learning about the details of each Visionary during the eight investigations, the last big Lead is unlocked to break the loop: Ending It. The Lead shows players how and when to kill each Visionary target. However, there is a surefire order to kill each Visionary to achieve the perfect loop. Players must kill off certain targets first in order to weaken the ones who must be killed later in the evening.

The best process to kill all eight Visionaries is as follows:

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Harriet: Kill Harriet at Karl’s Bay in the morning.

Frank: Sabotage Frank’s fireworks at Karl’s Bay in the morning.

Egor: Ruin Egor’s experiments in The Complex at noon.

Fia & Charlie: Kill both targets during their secret meeting at Fristad Rock in the afternoon.

Egor, Wenjie, Aleksis: Crash Aleksis’ party and kill all three targets at Updaam in the evening.

Julianna/Colt: Get into the RAK, go to the Stabilizer Core, and find Julianna or Colt.

While these are the only threads needed to pull off a perfect loop, players can benefit from looking into other leads and stories. They can often pick up new weapons and side quests from doing so. However, players can continue to explore the loop after completing Deathloop the first time to ensure they don’t miss anything.

Deathloop is available on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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