Divinity Original Sin 2 has an in-depth crafting system with the ability to create hundreds of potential crafted items. Players can spend hours upon hours combining items to try and make new ones through trial and error, or they can cut to the chase. Here are the top crafting recipes players need to know.

Larian Studios funded the development of Divinity Original Sin 2 through a Kickstarter and hit their funding goals within 12 hours of the crowdfunding campaign’s launch. After an early access period, the game launched to PC in 2017. The studio later released the game to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, followed by the Nintendo Switch. This sequel to Divinity Original Sin was nominated for various awards and received positive reviews for the most part.


The world in which Divinity Original Sin 2 exists is called Rivellon. In this reality, all living creatures are made from an energy called Source. Some people of Rivellon are capable of tapping into Source to improve their abilities in fighting or to cast spells.

A cult known as the Divine Order has been hunting down users of Source and locking them up for reasons heretofore unknown. The player steps into the role of a Sourcerer captured by this cult and is now on a ship headed to the island prison, Fort Joy. While en route, a huge Voidwoken Kraken demolishes the ship. The player’s Sourcerer pulls through and now has to figure out what destiny intends for them by seeking out the Divine Order.

Crafting in Divinity Original Sin 2 is a fascinating feature in that some players can go most of the game without knowing it even exists. The knowledge that is indeed in the game, and understanding how to use crafting can make getting through the game a little easier. Crafting can be offputting in any series as there’s a lot of trial and error involved and not always enough payoff for the effort invested. It’s helpful to know in advance what recipes are going to really help give the player the edge over their enemies.

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Top Crafting Recipies in Divinity: Original Sin 2

Creating a Lockpick is a quick and easy recipe that requires a Hammer and Nails. While this produces only 4 Lockpicks, the Hammer isn’t consumed during crafting and remains in the player’s inventory. As long as the player has nails, they have an unlimited source of the item. Players can also craft Lockpicks using Soap and a Key. Much like the Hammer, the crafting process does not consume Keys. If the player has two Needles, their combination will also result in a Lockpick.

Winter Boots are an incredibly useful item to have available to the player in Divinity Original Sin 2. This crafted item provides the player with invulnerability to the Frozen effect, which will protect them from slipping on Frozen surfaces that they or their party run over. The player will be grateful to have crafted Winter Boots in advance of certain sections of the game.

After playing for a while in the Divinity Original Sin 2, players will begin to accumulate minor potions once they are no longer effective in healing enough lost Vitality. Players can combine two Minor Healing Potions for a Medium Healing Potion. Combining two Medium Healing Potions will give the user a Healing Potion. Mixing two Healing Potions will create a Huge Healing Potion. This recipe could be useful when taking on some of the more difficult enemies and bosses in Divinity Original Sin 2. Those playing an undead character can combine their Empty Potion Bottles with an Ooze Barrel to create a poisoned form of the item which heals the player.

Players can make Charming Arrows to sell them for a profit in addition to using them in battle. It inflicts the Charmed effect on an enemy. Only one enemy may be Charmed by a Charming Arrow at a time. Players can craft them by combining a source of Honey with an Arrow. They are not the most valuable item in the game. However, one of the ingredients, Honey, is not difficult to acquire. The crafting process does not consume Beehives.

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Most crafted items will sell for more Gold than their ingredients will individually. The player should take that into account as they might be able to make easy money by selling items they don’t need if the sale value is high enough, one of the ingredients is not consumed in the process, and the other is easy enough to get a hold of.

Scrolls are helpful, but they’re also consumable. Players may also combine items to create Skillbooks, and then memorize the spell. Combining a Tornado Scroll with an Aerotheurge Skillbook will result in a Tornado Skillbook. A Haste Scroll and a Pyrokinetic Skillbook will result in a Haste Skillbook.

Players can also combine different Skill books. Deploy Mass Traps can do a lot of damage if used properly. This recipe requires any Pyrokinectic Skillbook and any Huntsman Skillbook. It has a 3m explode radius and a 13m range.

Combining a Blood Rose with an Empty Potion Bottle will create the Attar of Blood Rose. This unique Potion will provide a +1 bonus to all the player’s stats and lasts until death. While the Empty Potion Bottle is very common, there is only one Blood Rose in the game that the player may obtain, and it is found in Radeka’s Cave on the island of Fort Joy. Players who invest points in the Five-Star Diner talent can double the effects of Attar of Blood Rose.

The player can create the Chemical Warfare Grenade from an Empty Cannister and Intestines. This grenade will inflict the Diseased status on an enemy for four turns and deals poison damage, which can be useful in the early game. Intestines are found on corpses, and players may also buy them from traders.

Players can spend hours upon hours combining items to try and make new ones through trial and error in Divinity Original Sin 2. Once they have some basic recipes under their belt, they should feel free to have fun experimenting with their own combinations to see what they come up with next.

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Divinity Original Sin 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.

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