Gallifrey is home to many of Doctor Who’s most villainous characters, but one of the most despicable is easily Tecteun. First seen in “The Timeless Children,” Tecteun is responsible for finding the Doctor as a child underneath the Boundary, and introducing the ability to regenerate to Time Lord society.

Despite only appearing in three episodes, Tecteun has delivered plenty of memorable lines. The Doctor’s foster mother has spoken with malicious intent, reflecting a distinctly uncaring attitude. Tecteun’s immoral actions act as a perfect example of Time Lord’s corruption, as she provides many evil quotes.

10 Tecteun To Thirteen About Her Morality

“I thought you were manageable. But I had to admit what I always knew deep down. You’d never stop if you rediscovered what Division had done. Morality was always your flaw.”

Ever since its introduction in “The Timeless Children,” Division has been at the heart of Chibnall’s recent stories. The Time Lord organization has committed some truly heinous acts. “Survivors Of The Flux” sees the Doctor transported to their headquarters, prompting Tecteun to criticize her moral stance.

Tecteun’s words evoke her dismissive nature regarding Division’s shady activities. This is an individual who knows the organization’s actions to be wrong but is unfazed by the death and destruction they have caused. Tecteun views the Doctor’s morality as a “weakness,” showing a remorseless attitude through her speech.

9 Tecteun To Thirteen On Their Experiments

“What do you do, Doctor? Pick people up, take them with you? You adopt them, use them, for reassurance, for company. They’re your experiments, just as you were mine,”

The Thirteenth Doctor has done some terrible things, making some questionable choices across her era. In “Survivors Of The Flux,” Tecteun voices her own opinion on what she considers the Doctor’s biggest mistake, as she meets with the optimistic time traveler’s latest incarnation.

Tecteun cruelly compares her experiments on the Doctor as a child to the eccentric explorer’s tendency to travel with companions. She talks of the Doctor’s friends as though they are pets who she “adopts,” and fails to understand the affection which the Doctor shows towards her assistants, representing a soullessly dismissive viewpoint.


8 Tecteun To Thirteen On Erasing Her Memories

“This just shows I was right to order your memories erased.”

One of the Chibnall era’s biggest twists regards the reveal that the Doctor lived countless lives before her first incarnation, with the character having been unable to remember her hidden past. “Survivors Of The Flux” explores this further, with Tecteun confirming she was responsible for removing the Time Lord’s memories.

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Tecteun displays a callous disregard for the way her actions have affected the Doctor. She knows Division’s methods are abhorrent and is aware the Doctor would try to foil their plans upon discovering their existence. Tecteun shows no remorse for how this selective amnesia has affected her adopted adult child, in a quote that shows her uncaring nature.

7 Tecteun To Thirteen On The Flux Not Being An Accident

“Don’t lecture me, Doctor. Not when you should look to yourself. The Flux wasn’t an accident. It wasn’t a naturally occurring event. It was made. It was placed. Because of you,”

Considered one of the most evil villains of Series 13, the Flux wipes out many planets and civilizations throughout Jodie Whittaker’s latest series. “Once, Upon Time” features a particularly frank discussion of this temporal disaster, as Tecteun blames the Doctor for the Flux’s creation.

Tecteun knows that Division is responsible for its creation, and yet still accuses the Doctor. The Time Lord scientist demonstrates a lack of responsibility as Division’s leader, rationalizing her heinous behavior as necessary due to the Doctor’s interference in other planet’s affairs. Her words show no concern for others’ lives, making this a truly wicked quote.

6 Tecteun To Thirteen On Being A Good Scientist

“A good scientist never throws away their workings. We had them quantum stored for a long time in the Weeping Angel who tracked you and betrayed you, but don’t worry, it didn’t escape,”

Since “The Timeless Children’s” airing, the Thirteenth Doctor has spent much of her time searching for answers regarding her hidden past. In “Survivors Of The Flux,” Tecteun confirms the Gallifreyan fob watch which the Doctor finds onboard her ship contains her missing memories, having since been transferred from the previous episode’s Weeping Angel.

Tecteun shows an emotional detachment towards the Doctor, as she refers to the Doctor’s previous lives as her “workings.” She views the Time Lord as little more than an “experiment,” showing a frosty attitude towards her adult foster child. Tecteun’s words are truly unpleasant, displaying a vile outlook towards the eccentric time traveler.

5 Tecteun To Thirteen About The Universe’s Inevitable Destruction

“You can return to the dying universe you left, defend it from its inevitable destruction and fail, or rejoin Division. Rejoin me. Come with us into the next universe, into the beyond,”

Series 13 of Doctor Who references the notion of a multiverse, with the Doctor’s foster mother alluding to multiple universes existing outside of the show’s prime canon. In “Survivors Of The Flux,” Tecteun invites the Time Lord to join her in the next universe, whilst the main universe slowly dies.

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This quote from Tecteun showcases a flippant frame of mind towards the mass genocide her behavior has caused. She casually disregards the Doctor’s prime universe as though its occupants don’t matter, with the next universe not far away. Tecteun’s line signifies her heartless nature, making this an especially evil proclamation.

4 Tecteun To Thirteen About The Flux’s Creation

“Which is why we engineered the Flux, shut the universe down, and you within it. Except even then you interfere. Disrupting the Flux, just as it came into existence.”

Regarded by many Doctor Who fans as one of the best characters of “Flux,” the Thirteenth Doctor has captured the hearts of many viewers worldwide. Tecteun is less fond of this incarnation, however. “Survivors Of The Flux” sees the immoral scientist take a bitter stance on the Doctor’s interference in her plans.

In this quote from Tecteun, she confirms that she created the Flux. The Time Lord is responsible for the deaths of billions through her actions, which she callously refers to as an attempt to “shut the universe down.” However, instead of showing regret for what she has caused, she snarls at the Doctor for interfering, revealing her dastardly nature.

3 Tecteun To Thirteen About Inspiring People

“You inspire, make people question, and rise up. You give them hope. That can be problematic.”

The Doctor has influenced the lives of many of her companions over the years, with her friends’ circumstances having been changed following their travels with the Time Lord. Tecteun voices her disapproval towards this notion in “Survivors Of The Flux,” as she informs the Doctor why she created the Flux.

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Tecteun’s evil mind means she is unable to see the good that the Time Lord has inspired in others, and instead views her as a threat to Division’s shady activities. Perhaps a greater indication of her wicked intent, however, is how she is prepared to destroy an entire universe just to kill the Doctor, who she considers “problematic.”

2 Tecteun To Thirteen About A Virus

“It’s over, Doctor. It has been ever since we let a virus into the experiment.”

The Thirteenth Doctor has done many things better than her twelfth incarnation, with her noble achievements having seen the Time Lord’s latest regeneration gather many enemies. Tecteun has proven herself to be one of her most despicable. In “Survivors Of The Flux,” the Doctor’s foster mother is especially harsh towards the eccentric time traveler, following the Doctor having been transported to Division.

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This cruel insult represents just how little Tecteun views the Doctor, as she dehumanizes her adult foster child by comparing the time traveler to a virus. In addition, Tecteun’s description of the universe as an “experiment” shows a callous disregard for the sentient life scattered throughout the cosmos, making this one of her most malicious quotes yet.

1 Tecteun To Thirteen About Destroying The Universe

“We all need to clear up after ourselves. That’s why I had you brought here, to ensure you won’t be in the universe to save it,”

Doctor Who’s latest series places the universe in grave danger, as the Flux runs rampant throughout the cosmos. “Survivors Of The Flux,” sees Tecteun appear particularly determined to ensure the galaxy isn’t saved. As the Doctor finds herself onboard the Division ship, Tecteun confirms she brought the Time Lord here to ensure she could not interfere with her plans.

Tecteun shows more concern towards removing evidence of Division’s wrongdoings than the occupants of the cosmos she is destroying. She views the intergalactic population as lesser forms, who aren’t worthy of saving, resulting in one of her most fiendish lines in the sci-fi series.

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