Stephen Lang returns as The Blind Man for a Don’t Breathe sequel, but does Don’t Breathe 2 have a post-credits scene? The original Don’t Breathe hit theaters in 2016 and became a surprise horror hit from director Fede Alvarez. Conversations about a possible continuation of the story started soon after, with Don’t Breathe 2 eventually moving forward without Jane Levy’s return as Rocky. Instead, the sequel shifted its perspective to focus on Lang’s Norman Nordstrom and continue The Blind Man’s story several years after Rocky nearly killed him.

Don’t Breathe 2 shows how Norman reshaped his life after his near-death experience. He is now raising a daughter named Phoenix (Madelyn Grace), who he is very protective of after previously experiencing the death of his first daughter. Norman largely keeps Phoenix confined to their home and trains her to protect herself from any danger. But, their lives are put in danger when a group of men, led by Raylan (Brendan Sexton III), become fixated on taking Phoenix from him. The home invasion escalates, revealing new truths about Norman and Phoenix, and brings Don’t Breathe 2 to a gory finale.


Now that Don’t Breathe has become a franchise, there is always the question about whether or not a sequel has an end-credits scene that sets up a sequel. The original Don’t Breathe didn’t include a post-credits scene, but it did set up how the story could continue. But, does Don’t Breathe 2 have a post-credits scene? Don’t Breathe 2 does have ONE post-credits scene. After the entire credits roll, those who stay in their seats will be treated to a quick tag that teases what could come next for the franchise, should it continue.

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Without detailing what happens in Don’t Breathe 2‘s post-credits scene, viewers who enjoy the horror/thriller franchise should stick around. Alvarez and director Rodo Sayagues make sure audiences get an idea of how the Don’t Breathe universe can continue. The inclusion of Don’t Breathe 2‘s post-credits scene also illustrates why Alvarez and Sayagues are openly discussing the possibility of the next film. The studios haven’t officially greenlit Don’t Breathe 3, but it is clear that the creators of this franchise have a hope of telling another chapter.

Don’t Breathe 2‘s post-credits scene should only add another discussion point for the conversation around the sequel. It has proven to be somewhat divisive for the decision to focus on The Blind Man and blur the lines between him being a hero or villain. If everything goes according to Alvarez and Sayagues’ presumed plan, Don’t Breathe 2 won’t be where this story ends. Whether or not they get that chance could come down to the sequel’s box office performance, which will likely be far less than the original’s $157 million performance thanks to COVID-19 and less favorable reviews. But, perhaps Don’t Breathe 2‘s post-credits scene will drive more interest in the sequel or give fans a reason to make a return trip to theaters if they missed it on the first viewing.

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