Social media trailblazer MySpace remains up and running, though the website has a new look. People can still create new accounts on the site, with the option to personalize content, including what shows up on the home page. However, Tom Anderson — the first friend everyone had on the original version of MySpace — doesn’t have a significant presence on this iteration of the site.

First launched in 2003, MySpace offered its users the opportunity to create a profile with personalized layouts, including adding their favorite song. Users could add blog posts, videos, and photos, while also exploring the music scene. In fact, popular artists like Panic! At The Disco, Calvin Harris, and Adele all got their start on MySpace. When users initially joined the site, Tom Anderson was automatically their friend. Anderson co-founded the site along with Chris DeWolfe and Jon Hart. However, MySpace was ultimately eclipsed by Facebook, which was launched only a year after MySpace in 2004. In 2019, MySpace accidentally lost a lot of user content posted before 2015, including millions of songs.


However, MySpace has not died completely. Its home page, now known as the ‘Discover’ page, is dedicated to entertainment news, from TV shows like Family Guy to movies, including an article on Snyder cut of Justice League. MySpace remains dedicated to music, but with a different format. It features an ‘Artist Of the Day’ tab that offers access to new groups and artists. There’s also a ‘Music’ tab, where users can search for artists, and listen to a wide range of musicians and albums and the site now offers exclusive video content, like the series Getting Nailed, where celebrities get their nails done and chat with the host.

MySpace Now & What Happened To Tom

Users on MySpace now have the opportunity to post a wide range of content. The ‘Stream’ tab allows people to select the content they want to see, such as articles, music, and videos. Users can post a status of up to 1024 characters, or upload videos, photos and music. Furthermore, users ‘connect’ with people, including friends on Facebook. By clicking through various profile categories, like ‘actor’ and ‘photographer’, users can find profiles that align with their interests. People can also make connections from the ‘Discover’ page.

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According to Tom Anderson’s Instagram page, meanwhile, he is “enjoying retired life” after leaving MySpace in 2009, while his Twitter page simply says he’s enjoying the “good life”. Both his Twitter and Instagram profiles have the same handle, @myspacetom, however, he doesn’t appear to be especially active on either one. His most recent Tweet was posted in November 2017 discussing the differences between taxi drivers and Uber drivers. He last posted on Instagram in January last year, joining in on the ’10-year challenge’ by posting his famous MySpace profile picture for both 2008 and 2018. Both his Twitter and his Instagram are filled with travel photos. The most recent is a photo in Oahu, Hawaii, posted in January of 2018. All in all, it looks like Anderson has stepped back from social media as a whole.

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