Elden Ring, FromSoftware’s recent open-world adventure, has some incredible fashion. Ever since the first Dark Souls game was released in 2011, players have been trying on all kinds of different outfits to appear as stylish as possible. The Dark Souls community has affectionately referred to this type of gameplay as Fashion Souls. More than a decade later, Elden Ring provides an array of clothing to mix and match however players see fit. There are well over 100 armor sets to choose from.

Elden Ring allows players to create their own characters – known as the Tarnished – from scratch using the game’s character creator. Different body types and voices can be selected, and facial features can be fine-tuned. Hairstyle, eye color, scars, tattoos, and many more can be modified to create a unique Tarnished. Many players have attempted to recreate themselves or even characters from media, like LOTR, in Elden Ring. Once their Tarnished is ready to go, players can enter the Lands Between and commence their adventure. However, there is one more final step to complete before exiting the character creator.


Before players can begin their Fashion Souls journey, they must first choose a class to start with. Each of the 10 options has its own unique starting gear, stats, and weapons. Players wishing to commence their journey across the Lands Between as a classic knight should select the Vagabond class, which grants the Vagabond Knight set. The rusted armor and tattered cloak of this set portray a once-proud knight that has fallen from grace, and it couldn’t be a better fit for a Tarnished seeking to reclaim honor and glory. For those who wish to stand out from the rest of the crowd’s typical medieval armor, another option is the Samurai. This class sends the player on their way armed with a katana and a full set of traditional samurai armor in Elden Ring, known as the Land of Reeds set. Fans of Ghost of Tsushima or Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice may enjoy using this beautiful outfit, but there are others to suit a preferred theme.

Elden Ring Fashion – The Fur Set Matches Torrent

While there may be some great options for starting gear between the 10 classes, more extravagant and interesting armor sets can be found later in the game. One particularly simple yet charming collection is the Fur set. This crude apparel can be obtained from Ancestral Followers in the underground Siofra River region, or to the northeast section of Liurnia of the Lakes. The main reason players may want to acquire this set is to sport horns that almost perfectly match Elden Ring’s trusty steed, Torrent. However, players looking for a stronger and more intimidating set of armor may be interested in the Royal Remains gear. This armor is received after defeating Ensha of the Royal Remains while he invades the Roundtable Hold. In addition to the imposing burned armor and skeletal appearance, this set is also capable of slowly regenerating the Tarnished’s health up to 18%. This extra statistic may not seem like much, but in the right situation may prove life-saving.

Contrary to the rugged Fur and Royal Remains sets, the Carian Knight set is available for players seeking more pristine and ornate armor. Adorned with all sorts of gems, chains, and engravings, this lavish accouterment embodies a wealthy and distinguished paladin. Located near the graveyard in the Raya Lucaria academy, the Carian Knight set is a great match for those wanting to look good while still maintaining a strong defense.

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Elden Ring’s Radahn Armor Can Be Fixed

While many of the armor sets in Elden Ring look cool on their own, players are still able to mix and match different pieces to create the perfect outfit tailored to their own Tarnished. One of the strongest available armor sets in the game is the General Radahn set, obtainable after defeating the boss of the same name. Despite being a very commonly used set, the helmet features an absurdly large red plume that some players have criticized for taking up too much screen space. An easy remedy for this issue is to swap the helmet out for a red Exile hood, which almost perfectly matches the red cape of the Radahn armor. A significant amount of defense will be sacrificed for this change, but that shouldn’t be an issue for Fashion Souls players.

Any Tarnished more interested in lurking in the shadows may want to defeat Elden Ring‘s Night’s Cavalry and receive their armor. This jet black plate armor can be found in the Consecrated Snowfield. Players can swap out the helmet for an Astrologer hood to stay low profile. Any dark piece of clothing from most sets should be a good match. However, for those who desire face-to-face combat, another excellent choice is the Hoslow armor set. With red trim and a long flowing cape, this elegant armor should make the Tarnished’s enemies think twice. The Raging Wolf helmet matches this armor quite well, as the default Hoslow helmet seems slightly out-of-place.

Elden Ring’s Kaiden Armor Looks Like Game Of Thrones

Elden Ring clearly wears its inspirations on its sleeve. Several different armor sets appear to be homages to other video games, shows, or movies. Given George R.R. Martin’s involvement with Elden Ring‘s lore, it makes sense that there may be some Game of Thrones influence. The Kaiden chest plate, dropped by Northern Mercenaries in Limgrave, has a white fur cloak that should be perfect for any player looking to cosplay a Winterfell warrior. Many different combinations of helmets, gloves and greaves fit well with Kaiden armor while still adhering to the aesthetic of Game of Thrones.

For more stealthy players looking to sneak through enemy compounds and quietly dispatch their targets, the Leather armor set will be an excellent fit. This light armor, obtained from a recurring character known as Patches, is very reminiscent of Thief‘s main protagonist Garrett. Combined with a black hood, the resemblance is undeniable. Elden Ring‘s biggest influence, however, is Berserk. This anime/manga directly inspired much of Dark Souls and Elden Ring‘s tone and atmosphere. Any players looking to create a Tarnished that resembles Berserk protagonist Guts need to look no further than the Blaidd armor set. Combine the armor with a colossal greatsword and likeness should be clear to see.

Many players have already created some magnificently dressed Tarnished using the wide array of armor sets available. Though there are technically a finite number of possible combinations of armor pieces, it will probably take an extremely long time for most players to collect every set and try on all the different assortments of clothing. Until then, Fashion Souls players will continue to dress up their characters with unique looks to show off to others in Elden Ring.

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