Bluepoint Games has earned a reputation in the games industry as highly proficient remake creators, with every Bluepoint Games remake garnering high praise. The studio has had a close relationship with Sony over the years, often revamping PlayStation titles, which has lead to an imminent acquisition by Sony, according to insiders. But how many games has Bluepoint actually remade?

Bluepoint’s recent acclaim is certainly well-warranted, but it has technically only remade two games. It found tremendous success remaking a pair of beloved PlayStation classics, beginning with 2018’s much-needed revamp of 2005 PS2 title Shadow of the Colossus, and ending with a remake of FromSoftware cult classic Demon’s Souls just last year. While Dark Souls surpassed its predecessor in nearly every way, the 2009 progenitor of the Souls subgenre has remained a worthy title that many still haven’t played, and its core gameplay benefitted greatly from Bluepoint’s quality-of-life improvements and visual redesign, the latter making it an impressive PS5 exclusive.


Sony also recently acquired Housemarque after another well-received PS5 exclusive, Returnal, launched in April, and an errant tweet bearing the Bluepoint logo followed a similar one announcing the Housemarque acquisition. PlayStation fans may be hoping the rumors are true in order to potentially get more high-quality, exclusive remakes like Bluepoint Games’ last two offerings. Rumors abound surrounding Bluepoint’s next possible remake, but there’s been no confirmation on the studio’s next project just yet. Many expect Bluepoint to settle on another beloved title to freshen up for modern platforms, but the history of the studio isn’t entirely remakes. In fact, it’s mostly remasters.

Bluepoint Games Could Grow Out Of Its Remake Reputation

Bluepoint Games has been around for a while, releasing their first – and only – original game, Blast Factor, in 2006. Three years later, the studio released the God of War Collection, bringing the first two God of War games to the PS3 in anticipation of the third. From then until 2018’s Shadow of the Colossus remake, Bluepoint Games exclusively released a variety remasters and ports, including games from the Metal Gear Solid, Uncharted, and Gravity Rush series.

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Though the distinction between a remake and remaster can sometimes be blurry depending on the specific project, remaking a game is typically a significant step above a remaster. For instance, Bluepoint Games already worked on Shadow of the Colossus once before, when remastering the game for The Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection on the PS3. This remaster took Shadow of the Colossus, made it compatible with HD monitors, and added some newer features only possible with the better hardware, such an improved frame rate and enhancements to depth-of-field effects. The 2018 remake, on the other hand, had all of its assets rebuilt in order to create a definitive version of the game.

Not many would balk at the idea of Bluepoint taking on another remake, but the studio feels poised to make another attempt at an original IP. This is partly why the rumors of Sony’s Bluepoint acquisition make sense, which would likely allow Bluepoint to receive similar AAA funding as Housemarque has likely earned itself after Returnal. Bluepoint Games is clearly made up of talented developers, as evidenced not only by their two impressive remakes, but by a substantive body of respected technical work that hasn’t garnered as much attention. The studio has been steadily on the rise, so it may be that its reputation as a renovator will soon give way to something new.

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