One of the things that made Dragon Age: Inquisition so successful is the excellent writing and character development. A sprawling and diverse cast of NPCs improves the gaming experience by providing colorful anecdotes and witty lines that make even the slowest of quests feel exciting.

Banter is a big part of the franchise and Inquisition gave fans some of the best. Out in the field or during casual conversation, the game’s companions truly elevate the adventure. Each one provides their experience and insight, both inside and outside the battlefield. And while some definitely rank lower than others when it comes to likability and complexity, by the end of the game, they all feel like a part of the family.

9 Blackwall

A Grey Warden with haunting secrets from his past, Blackwall comes across as tough, rugged, serious, and secretive. He’s not one for jokes, at least not at first, and he’s mostly humorless. His complicated backstory comes into play in the latter part of the game, but it isn’t enough to make him a more compelling character. If anything, it has the opposite effect.

Blackwall is not a bad character, he simply isn’t as well-developed or interesting as the rest. He’s one of three optional Warrior companions and ranks lowest of the three. And while it’s hinted he has a huge crush on Josephine, not enough is done with that story to make him more appealing.

8 Vivienne

Egotistical and self-aggrandizing, Vivienne is not the friendliest of the lot.  She does have some very funny lines, though mainly insults, and it’s always entertaining to bring her along to the field.

She too gets a tragic quest that provides some insight into her story, but mostly remains a distant figure until the end of the game. Vivienne is also one of three options to become Divine at the end of the game. Though she ranks low on this list, in truth, almost all the companions on Dragon Age are interesting in some ways.


7 Solas

Solas ranks lower than most others not because he’s not an interesting character. Quite the opposite actually, Solas is perhaps the most complex and developed out of all the companions. An apostate Mage with ample knowledge of the Fade, he’s not only a valuable addition to the Inquisition but also an utterly fascinating figure.

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However, the end of the game reveals his real identity. By the end of the Trespasser DLC, it becomes clear that Solas lied to everyone for his own selfish, and misguided, reasons. The upcoming Dragon Age 4 will most likely continue his story and it won’t be surprising if he turns out to be the main villain of the game.

6 Sera

Sera is another controversial character among Dragon Age fans. Some find her obnoxious, immature, and vulgar, while others think she’s actually funny and entertaining. Love her or hate her, it’s undeniable that Sera is a unique and instantly memorable character who’s more than she seems.

She’s also a romance option for Female Inquisitors, adding another interesting layer to her characterization. Sera’s actions can be reckless, though, and there’s a permanent option that allows the Inquisitor to ask her to leave permanently. Despite everything, she’s still a colorful companion who more often than not provides funny banter. She’s a rogue and a thief and she’ll tempt your fate.

5 Cole

Speaking of unique characters, Cole has to rank as one of the most original companions in the franchise. An entity described as being caught somewhere between the realm of the Fade and the real world, he’s a spirit of compassion with the unique ability to sense people who are in pain. He offers comfort without hesitation or expectation of gratitude and actively seeks ways to help others.

A Mage while he was still alive, in his spirit form he assumes the class of Rogue. The Inquisitor can decide if Cole stays more like a spirit or more like a human, and the character suffers considerable change after the choice. If the former, he’ll become even more stoic, distant, and otherworldly. If the latter, he’ll acquire more human traits and will become visible to others.

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4 Iron Bull

Loud and violent but surprisingly sweet and even tender, the Iron Bull is the very definition of a compelling companion. He’s the leader of a group of mercenaries, the Chargers, and is sent by the Qunari to spy on the Inquisition. From his first meeting with the Inquisitor, he’s honest about his mission but says he’s also willing to relay information to the Inquisition.

Bull is a committed and highly entertaining companion to have around. If neither he nor Dorian is romanced, the two will enter a relationship, making the banter between them even more meaningful. However, he can also have a tragic ending if the player decides to sacrifice the Chargers during Bull’s personal quest, adding even more intricacies to the character.

3 Varric

Already a staple of the franchise, Varric Tethras is first introduced during the events of Dragon Age II. In Inquisition, he’s one of the first companions, along with Solas and Cassandra. The three of them are the only companions that the Inquisitor can never push away or ask to leave, solidifying their importance to the story.

A surface dwarf from the Free Marches, Varric is a Rogue famous for always carrying his signature weapon, a crossbow he calls Bianca. He’s also a famous author and talented storyteller who always provide surprisingly good advice. He has several personal quests that further develop his character, making him one of the absolute best companions.

2 Cassandra

Like Varric, Cassandra Pentaghast is also introduced in Dragon Age II, before taking on a more prominent role in Inquisition. She’s a Seeker who, along with Leliana, is responsible for restoring the Inquisition. She comes from a prominent Nevarran family and possesses a deep commitment to her faith.

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A highly skilled Warrior, she also a romance option for male Inquisitors. Her personal quests provide a lot of insight into her character and backstory, like the fact that she’s a romantic who enjoys reading Varric’s Swords & Shields series of books. She’s also one of the three options to become Divine at the end of the game, a role she aptly performs to the best of her abilities.

1 Dorian

Extremely funny, sarcastic, and highly entertaining, Dorian Pavus is arguably the most memorable of all the companions. He’s a Mage from Tevinter who joins the Inquisition out of a desire to prove that not all Tevinters are evil. He’s also a romance option for a male Inquisitor; if he isn’t romanced, he’ll enter into a relationship with the Iron Bull, something that slightly embarrasses him. A female Inquisitor can still flirt with him and his approval will actually increase.

Very vain and conceited, Dorian is still sympathetic to others. He has a difficult relationship with his father, something that’s further explored in his personal quest. He provides humorous observations while on the field and always has something witty to say with his exceptionally sharp tongue.

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