E3’s Xbox and Bethesda presentation revealed the next season of Sea of Thieves, titled A Pirate’s Life. This adventure promises to be one of the most exciting yet, acting as a crossover between the beloved pirate franchise Pirates of the Caribbean and Sea of Thieves. The free expansion releases on June 22nd, available for all players of Sea of Thieves. As is the case with most of Bethesda’s presented games, Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life will be available for players as part of the Xbox Game Pass.

From the trailer, players can conclude that Jack Sparrow’s thieving of a certain treasure is what has brought him (and several other PotC characters) to the Sea of Thieves. It is currently unknown what this treasure is, or why it has this power, but it has sent the Sea of Thieves spiraling into chaos. New monstrous enemies have appeared in the form of humanoid sea creatures, along with a new staff-like weapon of some sort. While there is still much mystery surrounding the details of A Pirate’s Life’s storyline, the addition of many Pirates of the Caribbean characters into the game is sure to make the experience a memorable one.


It appears that the first voice and face Sea of Thieves players see in A Pirate’s Life’s trailer is Tia Dalma, a woman who was later revealed to be the sea goddess Calypso. Her accent is reminiscent of the voice featured in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, and it seems that Calypso will be fulfilling a similar role as she did in the movies. As Calypso narrates the story, players can see her model as a hooded humanoid covered in barnacles. She will likely act as the primary quest-giver in this expansion, or perhaps become a permanent faction option in Sea of Thieves. Given her involvement with Davy Jones in the movies, she may even become an integral part of the quest’s storyline throughout the season.

Sea of Thieves Brings Jack Sparrow Into The Spotlight

Pirates of the Caribbean crossover season would be incomplete without the legendary pirate himself: Jack Sparrow. Unsurprisingly, the charming rapscallion appears to be at the center of A Pirate’s Life’s main plot. In need of a rescue, and having stolen a treasure that invited a new threat into Sea of Thieves, it seems Jack Sparrow is back to creating messes he can’t clean up himself. The trailer suggests that players will first encounter Jack Sparrow while he is imprisoned in a mystical jail with a few other spirits. He is seen wielding his signature compass and is occasionally accompanied by a crab in some of the cinematics.

The next face that fans of both franchises will recognize is that of Joshamee Gibbs. Gibbs has accompanied Jack Sparrow through many of his adventures, and is as loyal as a pirate can get. Always the voice of reason aboard the Black Pearl, Gibbs makes a habit of ensuring the survival and profit of himself and the crew despite Jack’s whacky plans. Yet it seems his luck has finally run out, as he is seen in the trailer trapped within a coral prison. It is unknown how he arrived there, but given his appearance and recorded dialogue, it can be assumed that it will be up to players to rescue him.

Another charming addition to Sea of Thieves appears as a brief – but memorable – cameo in A Pirate’s Life’s reveal trailer. The Prison Dog is a trademark of both the original Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney’s parks and the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Originally belonging to Edward Teague, father of Jack Sparrow, the Prison Dog has traveled far and wide across the seven seas. Whether the Prison Dog traveled to the Sea of Thieves thanks to Jack Sparrow’s treasure heist or has been here longer than other characters has yet to be seen. Either way, it’s always nice to have a furry friend along for a Sea of Thieves voyage.

Sea of Thieves Invites Some Pirates of the Caribbean Villains To Sail

Pirates of the Caribbean crossover would be a disappointment without the inclusion of some of its villains. One of the biggest threats from the series is none other than Davy Jones, who is A Pirate’s Life’s villain (or at least appears to be so far). A scorned devil of the sea, Davy Jones has been outsmarted time and time again by Jack Sparrow in the films. It appears that pattern will continue as the characters of the franchise travel into Sea of Thieves. Davy Jones is seen ranting about the lack of the eternal abyss in the Sea of Thieves world.

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The Flying Dutchman, while not a traditional character, also appears in the new Sea of Thieves expansion as an enemy ship. The Flying Dutchman is a legendary ghost ship, present in maritime mythology and the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Unable to make port except for once every ten years, the ship holds a terrifying toothed visage on its bow and is home to a terrifying, monstrous crew. This same crew will also be featured in the game as sea monster-human hybrids, apparently still under the Dutchman’s curse. There are some clips in the trailer that show players fleeing or fighting against these monsters, likely alluding to the Dutchman’s crew becoming a new enemy type.

The final character that fans of both franchises might recognize was a bit harder to spot, given his lack of flesh. In the trailer, players are seen returning a skull to a head, thereby reviving Pirates of the Caribbean’s Captain Barbossa in skeleton form. Barbossa was a legendary figure throughout the original trilogy, having led the mutiny against Jack Sparrow and eventually captaining his undead crew. The perfect mix between humorous and intimidating, Barbossa is sure to bring a level of pirate swagger that Sea of Thieves has been missing until now. His revival will likely be a quest in A Pirate’s Life’s storyline, but why he is brought back and his role following his revival has yet to be revealed.

With all the Pirates of the Caribbean characters revealed to be joining Sea of Thieves so far, it stands to reason that this new season will be one of the most exhilarating yet. While much is unknown about the newest addition to Sea of Thieves, fans of the series won’t have to wait long to be able to explore it. Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life releases on June 22nd for players of the game on Xbox Game Pass and PC.

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