OMORIis a psychological indie horror RPG where players must explore a strange world and choose their path to determine not only their fate but also that of their friends and acquaintances. In OMORI, the titular player character leaves the white room where he has lived all his life through a door that appears one day. Omori suffers from depression and wonders why his friends want anything to do with him. He goes on an adventure with these friends to recall an earlier time and something big that he has forgotten about his life before.


As players explore the 2D world of OMORI and engage foes in battle, they will come across new areas. full of new experiences and decisions that will change the game’s outcome. There is more to the world than meets the eye, and players can find a hidden room behind a hollow wall in the library after defeating Sweetheart and falling down the well. It requires players to unlock it to get in. Here’s how to unlock and enter the secret library room in OMORI and what players will find there.

Every Secret Library Room in OMORI

Once players fall down the well, they will end up in a library room with books scattered around. Players need to read all six book excerpts to unlock the hidden room. These are about:

  • Beach
  • Juice
  • Tree House
  • School
  • Water
  • Violin

After reading all six excerpts, players should follow the path made by the beam of light in the library to a wall and interact to go through it. If players go here prior to reading all six excerpts, they will just receive a message that the wall seems hollow.

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When players enter the secret room, they will find a piano, a save point, and a fruit. The far wall of this room also has three hollow points, though it is not yet clear how to unlock and open it or whether it can be opened at all. It could have something to do with the computer, but no information has yet been released.

There are some other hidden quests in OMORI, often tied to Achievements players can unlock and paths they take. Players can help their friends and acquaintances along the way, like finding Berly’s Tetherball in Vast Forest or finding and reading all the tombstones in the secret dev room. There is much to discover in the surreal world of OMORI, and many fans have positive things to say about the experience.

OMORIis available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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