The “Paint the Town” mission in Far Cry 6 challenges players to deface 12 Gabriel Castillo statues around Esperanza. Some of the statues can be tricky to locate. Finding and gathering collectibles is a major part of Far Cry 6, and players looking to complete the game will need to spend a fair amount of time looking for them. In addition to the Gabriel statues, there are many collectibles or objects all around Yara, such as Far Cry 6’s Criptograma chests.

Tracking down structures or items like the Gabriel statues or the Roosters in Far Cry 6 can be difficult because they aren’t marked on the map. Players looking to deface all 12 statues and complete the “Paint the Town” side mission will need to travel all around Yara’s capital city, Esperanza.


To start the “Paint the Town” quest, players need to be at least Rank 16 and find Zenia Zayas near West Lado in Esperanza. She explains that her father’s dying wish was for her to find and deface the 12 propaganda statues in the massive Far Cry 6 capital city, and she asks Dani to help her. Tagging the statues will paint flames around the bases of each. The statues don’t appear on the map unless Dani is close to them, so tracking them down can be difficult. Fortunately, players can use some landmarks in Esperanza to locate each one.

Gabriel Statue Locations in Far Cry 6

To fulfill Zayas’ father’s last wish, Dani must locate the 12 statues of Gabriel Castillo, Antón’s father, and the former president of Yara. The statues appear in various locations as tall stone structures with a bust of Gabriel’s head at the top.

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Gabriel Statue Locations

  • Statue #1: In the middle of a courtyard with palm trees near the south of Torre De Leon
  • Statue #2: Southwest of Torre De Leon, surrounded by red flowers
  • Statue #3: South of West Lado in the stone courtyard
  • Statue #4: Near Hotel Paraiso in the northwestern corner of Esperanza. This statue is located by benches and a light post
  • Statue #5: In a grassy area in the central northern region below La Costanera Highway
  • Statue #6: North of Old Pueblo on the sidewalk in the northeast corner of the city
  • Statue #7: Near Castillo Canal by the eastern edge of the city in the middle of a park
  • Statue #8: South of Old Pueblo in the southeast corner of the city. The statue will be on a stone patio with buildings all around it
  • Statue #9: In the southeast region in a stone courtyard near the Goliai Lida construction tools
  • Statue #10: Slightly southeast of the central point of the city and in Barrio Antiguo on the patio area
  • Statue #11: In the northern part of Barrio Antiguo near the Zona 3 sign in the stone courtyard
  • Statue #12: In a courtyard near West Lado by the Zona E1 sign

Finding all 12 statues will complete the “Paint the Town” quest, awarding 100 XP, an orange paint bucket charm, and Zenia Zayas as a Los Bandidos leader. Zenia’s abilities grant an additional 50% success rate to sabotage and decrease gasolina requirements by 50%.

Far Cry 6 is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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