Ubisoft has garnered a reputation for creating large, explorable worlds in its games, and Far Cry 6 does not appear to be an exception to the trend. The globetrotting series has had its share of exotic and interesting locations, and now Far Cry 6 is bringing it to the Caribbean. Giancarlo Esposito stars as the dictator of Yara, a secluded island nation that has yet to fully recover from a violent revolution 50 years ago. Fed up with the decades under fascist rule, guerrilla fighters – the player character, Dani Rojas, included – rise up to overthrow the regime in a story all too familiar to the Far Cry series.


Ubisoft appears to be continuing its efforts at creating large, immersive worlds. Instead of an isolated mountain region like in Far Cry 4, or the single, Montana county setting of Far Cry 5, Yara is an entire country for the player to get lost in. Far Cry 6 looks like it might be the mainline series’ most diverse location, offering dense jungle, scenic beaches, and even the urban sprawl of Yara’s capital city.

Antón Castillo (Esposito) rules over the small island nation with an iron fist while molding his son, Diego (played by Coco star Anthony Gonzalez), to be his successor. According to the recent Far Cry 6 gameplay showcase, Yara is on the brink of societal collapse after decades of isolation. According to an interview IGN did with Esposito, Castillo came into power after his father, the dictator before him. The timeframe means that it was presumably Castillo’s father who emerged from the revolution victorious, and in control of the country.

Far Cry 6’s Yara is on the Verge of a Second Revolution

Esposito claims Castillo’s goal is to empower his people so they can prosper independent of foreign influence. Yara is heavily inspired by real life Cuba – despite Far Cry 6 not being “political” –  an island seemingly frozen in time, with classic cars and other obsolete technology throughout the island due to years of isolation from global commerce. The revolutionaries, known as Libertad, want to oust Castillo so the nation can enter the international scene. Castillo is convinced that other countries would steal the natural resources and valuable personnel in Yara if international relations were relaxed.

When Dani Rojas, the player character, enters the scene, there are many factions vying for power in Yara. Ubisoft claims Far Cry 6‘s tropical sandbox will contain a story with a dozen different narrative threads. As a native Yaran, Rojas will most li30kely have conflicting interests, leaving plenty of opportunity to explore the expansive map. Yara may be big, and the narrative hooks revealed so far are at least compelling, but it will be the nuance in characters that either elevate or sink Far Cry 6‘s status amongst the series.

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Source: IGN

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