Dominic Toretto has been the lead protagonist of the Fast & Furious series for over two decades, continuing into F9. Vin Diesel’s star-making character has been portrayed as a wise leader who makes the decisions, be it for his sister Mia or his extended family including Roman, Tej, and the rest. Yet, Dom hasn’t been correct all of the time, having doled out a number of judgments that were ultimately unwarranted or just wrong altogether. 

Of course, Dom has also made the right call when it has mattered, including acceptance of characters like Brian, Deckard Shaw, among others. It’s interesting to take a deeper look into how the main star of the series has evolved by learning from his mistakes, as well as being the voice of reason.

10 Right: That His Family Can Overcome Any Obstacle

By Dom’s own admission, he doesn’t have friends as he considers those close to him as his family. In the sixth movie, Owen Shaw claimed Dom would be better off fleeing as it was the only way his family could be safe, to which Dom argued that they could beat anyone together.

This claim has been proven true time and again, with Dom’s team fighting off Deckard Shaw’s attempt on their lives, stopping Cipher’s bid for global domination, and being there for one another emotionally. It was through their love and support that they got over Giselle’s death, proving Dom’s belief that family is the most important thing in life.

9 Wrong: That His Father Had No Flaws

Realizing he’d placed his father on an unrealistic pedestal was part of Dom’s story arc in F9. In the fifth movie, he described to Brian that his father was perfect, who would provide for the family, stay up to help his kids with homework, and was taken away too soon.

However, Dom learned in F9 that his father had made business mistakes that were leading the family to bankruptcy. He realized he’d been denying the truth that his father was human as well and capable of being flawed. Dom was overall wrong to have such high expectations of his father as it hindered his own parental abilities toward his son.


8 Right: That Letty Would Ultimately Remember Their Marriage

After realizing that Letty was still alive, Dom tried to help her get over her amnesia by using trigger events in hopes she’d remember their past. While Letty remained unsure if she could, Dom was certain she would regain her memories.

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He was proven to be right in the seventh movie, as Letty not only remembered who she was but also recalled their wedding. Dom’s belief was so absolute that he never revealed to the amnesiac Letty about their marriage. He banked on the power of their love, and this brought his wife back to him when she remembered who Dom was after he nearly died fighting Deckard Shaw.

7 Wrong: That Brian Wasn’t To Be Trusted

In the first movie, Dom was reluctant to fully trust Brian, who was actually an undercover cop. However, he was wrong to believe that Brian didn’t have his best interests at heart, as Brian was the one who allowed Dom to escape from the authorities in the climax.

He was under the impression that it didn’t matter to Brian if he brought Dom’s family down by proving his crimes in stealing car parts and engaging in street racing, yet Brian ended up being ousted by the cops himself in order to secure Dom’s safety. Later on, Dom greatly respected Brian for proving him wrong and being as close as a brother.

6 Right: That Everyone Deserves A Second Chance

Over the last 20 years, Fast & Furious has shown Dom’s character development, with the most striking change his belief in second chances. Dom carries the hope that people can learn from their mistakes to overcome their past. Originally, he had the tendency to exile anyone he felt betrayed by, such as his own brother, Jakob, and childhood friend, Vince.

It was after he himself was given a second chance by Brian that Dom’s believed in the concept. And he’s been proven right to do so, as Dom releasing Deckard Shaw from prison resulted in the latter saving his son. Moreover, both Vince and Jakob betrayed the antagonists to align with Dom to return his faith in them.

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5 Wrong: That Hobbs Wouldn’t Be Able To Find Him

After bringing down Hernan Reyes together, Luke Hobbs allowed Dom and his team a 24-hour head start. To this, Dom claimed that Hobbs wouldn’t be seeing him ever again. However, Dom was proven wrong by the beginning of the next movie.

As it happened, Hobbs always had Dom on his radar through his connection with Elena, who was romantically involved with Dom but kept in contact with Hobbs. He could have arrested Dom whenever he wanted, meaning Dom was wrong to believe that he had escaped the authorities and it was only because Hobbs let him be free that Dom wasn’t behind bars.

4 Right: That Going Into Hiding From Cipher Would Keep His Family Safe

Dom’s group were technically free people by the time the eighth movie ended, but he chose to go into hiding with Letty and his son to Thailand in order to be out of Cipher’s radar. F9 proved that Dom was right to think so, as Cipher had been actively pursuing him.

She made an attempt on his life by the end of the movie when Dom came out in the open to confront Jakob. Although he was able to stave off her threat once more, she was only able to find him due to Dom coming out of hiding. Had he remained in the public eye, then Dom and his family would’ve been threatened by Cipher much earlier.

3 Wrong: That He Understood Deckard Shaw’s Character

After learning of Han’s death at the hands of Deckard Shaw, Dom went over to confront him. Here, he claimed he understood that men like Shaw only lived for the fight and that he had no respect for the concept of family. However, Dom was incorrect in this assumption, as Deckard Shaw did have redeeming qualities, and it turned out that Shaw had opposed Cipher just as Dom had. 

Moreover, Dom didn’t understand that Deckard’s character was similar to him, as he only wanted revenge for what Dom did to his family. By the end of the eighth movie, Dom had to admit that Shaw wasn’t a bad man, as proven when the latter saved Dom’s son.

2 Right: That Brian’s Retirement Wouldn’t Mean The End Of Their Relationship

At the end of Furious 7, the group was saddened that Brian was going to retire. To this, Dom claimed that it would never be truly goodbye and that he and Brian would always be bound as family. This was proven right onscreen at the end of F9, where Brian showed up at the barbecue.

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Where the rest of the team wondered if they would see Brian again, Dom’s faith in that they would remain in each other’s lives was for good reason. Brian was also the one to look after Dom’s son during F9, which goes to show that even being out of the adventurous life didn’t mean he wouldn’t be there for Dom when he needed him.

1 Wrong: That Jakob Willingly Tampered With Their Father’s Vehicle

Fans were finally provided answers to Fast & Furious’ biggest question about Jakob Toretto, in that why was he never mentioned before. It was revealed that Dom considered Jakob to have sabotaged their father’s racecar that resulted in his death and exiled Jakob due to this.

He turned out to be absolutely wrong in this belief, however, as it turned out that their father had told Jakob to tamper with the car in hopes of claiming insurance. Since the crash was a freak accident of their father’s own doing, Dom made his brother out to be a villain when he wasn’t to blame. In the end, Dom allowed Jakob to escape as a way of making amends and admit his misjudgment of his younger brother.

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