Over the years, there have existed some strange connections between Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy VII. More recently, easter eggs in Final Fantasy 7 Remakehave made those connections even stronger. This has led to fans theorizing Final Fantasy 7‘s world of Gaia and FF10‘s Spira are even more inherently connected than anyone initially thought. But could Final Fantasy 10‘s Farplane really be the Lifestream featured in FF7 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake? Some people certainly think so.

All of this goes back to 2003, when a character named Shinra appeared in Final Fantasy X-2. What initially seemed like an inconsequential easter egg has since become a major connection between Final Fantasy 10 and Final Fantasy 7. This is because the scenario writer for both games, Kazushige Nojime, has said he believes Shinra found a way to FF7‘s world of Gaia and founded the Shinra Electric Company.


This connection was only reinforced when a photo of someone who looks like an adult version of Shinra appeared in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. So, if the Shinra from FFX-2 is really the founder of the Shinra Electric Company, it means the two worlds of Gaia and Spira could be inherently connected. So, could this really explain why the Farplane from FF10 could actually be the Lifestream in FF7 Remake?

How FF10’s Farplane And FF7 Remake’s Lifestream Connect

The theory goes that Shinra discovered Mako from the Farplane. With this technology, the genius Al Bhed from FF10 managed to go to FF7‘s Gaia and found the Shinra Electric Company some time after the end of Final Fantasy X and FF X-2. Since Mako comes from the Lifestream, if Shinra originally discovered it on the Farplane, it means the Farplane and the Lifestream are one in the same. It may seem like a far-out theory, until people consider that FFX-2′s Shinra is seemingly already a part of FF7 Remake‘s world.

Both the Life Stream and the Farplane are mysterious energy sources. Souls in the world of Spira return to the Farplane after death, just as souls in Gaia return to the Lifestream. It’s certainly plausible, then, that the Farplane and Lifestream are just different names for the same thing. None of this has been officially confirmed, even though FF7 Remake‘s ending certainly makes it possible for there to exist multiple worlds and realities. Still, it’s an interesting premise that Final Fantasy X‘s Farplane is the same as the Lifestream featured in the original FF7 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake and, depending on what happens in Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2, it could turn out to actually be true.

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