The theme of Fashion Report Week 196 in Final Fantasy XIV is “Magnificent Majesty,” and one of the articles of clothing needed to pass the report is any dyeable footwear embellished with the Ul Brown Dye. Outside of the Fashion Report, this Final Fantasy XIV pot of dye adds a cheerful yet soft khaki tint to apparel, making it an excellent shade for pants or long overcoats. Players can obtain the dye by purchasing it from the Market Board, buying it from a Beast Tribe vendor, or earning five pots as a quest reward.

The Final Fantasy XIV Market Board will be the most straightforward way to get Ul Brown Dye yet likely the most expensive. Depending on the player’s server, one pot of dye could cost up to 10,000 Gil or more each. Those who are practicing thrifty shopping habits or are low on funds should try the other two available methods to get Ul Brown Dye in Final Fantasy XIV.


The second way to get Ul Brown Dye in Final Fantasy XIV is by purchasing it for 216 Gil from the Kobold Beast Tribe. Those who haven’t unlocked Kobold Daily Quests must first complete the quest, “Highway Robbery.” Players can start the quest in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks at X: 12.7, Y: 12.8 after reaching Level 41. The prerequisite MSQ “In Pursuit of the Past” must be completed in order to access “Highway Robbery.” Once players unlock the Beast Tribe’s quests, they must work with the Kobolds until their Reputation has reached “Recognized” at 360 points. Only after reaching this milestone can players purchase Ul Brown Dye from the Kobold Vendor.

How to Get Ul Brown Dye in Final Fantasy XIV

The third way to get Ul Brown Dye is by doing a quest in Final Fantasy XIV‘s Heavensward expansion. Ul Brown Dye x 5 are a reward option for the quest, “A Rocky Start,” which can be started by speaking to Mogoot, a Moogle in The Churning Mists at X: 8, Y: 12.8. Players can only access “A Rocky Start” after completing the prerequisite Level 55 MSQ “The Song Begins.” Furthermore, there is a short Moogle questline tied to unlocking “A Rocky Start.”

  • There Will Be Blades” – quest giver: Impatient Moogle (The Churning Mists X: 11.1, Y:25.6)
  • No Country for Young Moogles” – quest giver: Impatient Moogle (The Churning Mists at X: 11.1, Y: 25.6)
  • The Mog Squad Assembles” – quest giver: Mogzun (The Churning at X: 17.4, Y: 16.8)

Once “The Mog Squad Assembles” has been finished, players can accept “A Rocky Start” and receive their reward upon completion.

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Final Fantasy 14 is available on PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

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