Rippley has quickly become the mascot for Fortnite Chapter 2. The anthropomorphized slurp juice has stolen the hearts of Fortnite players across the globe, and as such he has been thrust in the spotlight by Epic Games. He is unlocked as a part of the Battle Pass at tier 50 and after completing various Battle Pass Weekly Challenges players can unlock the Red Sludge variant. The Overtime Challenges allow players to unlock a new purple variant.

As always, the official Screen Rant Cheat Sheet map will help guide players in completing the tasks to unlock purple Rippley as easily as possible. So without further ado, here are the challenges players must complete in order to unlock the new purple Rippley skin.


Earn Gold Scavenger Medals in Fortnite x3

This challenge isn’t hard, but it can be tedious. Players are tasked with earning Gold Scavenger Medals by searching a lot of chests, llamas, or supply drops in a single match, and they have to do this three times. In order to earn a single Gold Scavenger Medal players must search, NOT DESTROY, 12 chests in one match. Twelve is definitely a lot, and to do this three times is even more time-consuming. However, chest spawns are guaranteed in Fortnite chapter 12 so once the player finds a chest route that works for them they can repeat these steps to complete this challenge faster.

Achieving AR Specialist in Fortnite x3

Another semi-tedious challenge is to achieve the AR Specialist medal in three different matches. In order for a player to receive this medal, they will have to deal 250 damage with an AR in a single match. This is not too hard as ARs are fairly common and the implementation of bots allows almost any player to earn free kills. Eliminate 3 players with an AR in three separate matches and the challenge is complete.

Land in Named Location in Fortnite x3

This is the easiest of the Rippley vs Sludge challenges as it is something players will more than likely do naturally. While aboard the Battle Bus pick a named location and land there. Three games later, challenge complete.

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Deal Any Damage with Trap in Fortnite

This could be considered the hardest challenge of the Overtime Challenge set. Players are tasked with finding a trap, placing it, and hoping a player takes damage. If a player is a skilled builder this should be no issue for them. Box in an opposing player in a box, quickly place a trap, challenge done. If a player can’t crank 90s this might be a little more challenging. Again, bots are pretty stupid and will struggle to do many evasive maneuvers. If a player can box in a bot it will be pretty easy to keep him trapped until you can place a trap and complete the challenge.

Destroy Slurp Barrels in Fortnite x10

This challenge may be another that players complete accidentally while playing the game normally. Players are tasked with destroying ten slurp containers (i.e. barrels, trucks, and silos). For this challenge, it is recommended to head to Slurpy Swamp. This location is littered with Slurp Barrels making it easy-peasy for players to complete this task in one match while also helping them get to full shield.

Swim 50m in Under 5 Seconds in Fortnite

At first, this challenge sounds particularly easy. However, if a player is swimming back in forth and is confused as to why this challenge is being completed, it is because this is a bit of a “trick-challenge”. It is physically impossible for a player to swim 50m in under 5 seconds without a little help from gravity.

Players will first need to locate a waterfall. There are a few scattered throughout the map which will be marked on the SR Cheat Sheet. Three of these waterfalls are located near Lazy Lake. A player will need to swim off of a waterfall and dive into the water below. The player remains in the swimming animation while in the air which the game counts as swimming. Falling 50m while swimming is much faster than trying to actually swim 50m.

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Visit Lazy Lake and Slurpy Swap in the same match while riding a Motorboat

This task can be pretty simple if a player knows what they are doing and what route to take. The recommended route starts in Lazy Lake seeing as if a payer starts in Slurpy Swamp they will have to travel uphill to get to Lazy Lake.

A motorboat can be found at Lazy Lake which the player will need to locate to start this challenge. It is important to note a player will need to take the motorboat, leave Lazy Lake, and reenter Lazy Lake for their visit to count. The player will then follow the river south off of a waterfall that pours into a lake near Misty Meadows. They will then need to head west off of another waterfall that leads to Hydro 16. Follow the river west until the player hits Slurpy Swamp and the challenge will be complete.

Eliminations at Risky Reels, Fort Crumpet, or Hydro 16 x5

This task is pretty self-explanatory. Players will need to visit the locations named above (they are also marked on the SR Cheat Sheet) and eliminate 5 players. These elimination do not need to be in the same match and they do not all need to be at the same place. Happy hunting and challenge complete.

Hidden Gnome in Fortnite

This challenge tasks players with finding and searching a  hidden gnome found in between Logjam Woodworks, a wooden shack, and a buck. Luckily the riddled has already been solved for the player and the location of the Gnome is marked on the SR Cheat Sheet. The Gnome is located slightly northwest of Slurpy Swamp near one of the swamp trees at the foot of a hill. Once the player has located the Gnome, search it and the challenge will be complete.

Catch Fish in various ways in Fortnite

The final task standing in the way of players and their new purple skin is some good ole fishing. Players are tasked with catching fish in various ways: with a fishing pole, with a harpoon gun, and with explosives.

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Catching fish with a fishing pole is the easiest of the three as players can cast their rod into any water and more than likely catch a fish. However, the harpoon gun and explosives will require a specific fishing spot to catch fish. If the player is unfamiliar with what a fishing spot looks like, it is a disturbed area that can be found in any body of water. It is circular and fish can be seen jumping from them.

All a player needs to do is located these spots with a harpoon gun and/or some kind of explosive and catch a fish from them. The harpoon gun is simple. Aim the gun at the water and shoot. There is a chance that the harpoon gun will fish an item other than a fish. If that is the case, shoot the spot again until the player receives a fish.

To fish with explosives a player will need either grenades, a rocket launcher, or a motorboat. Once these are acquired find a fishing hole and use the explosives on it. This will almost always reward the player with a fish. Once the player has completed this challenge it is mission complete and they can say hello to their new Purple Rippley.

Fortnite is available on PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Mobile Devices.

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