Fortnite is back in the spotlight after its recent LTM removed the ability for players to build, instead adding a sprint meter, overshield, and more changes to the core mechanics of the game. Most Fortnite veterans have hardened their ability to out-build and outmaneuver their enemies, but removing building has players developing entirely new strategies. It’s truly no longer safe to be caught out in the open, as a lack of cover will spell certain doom.

However, Fortnite does add more key mechanics besides just removing building and being done with it. There is now a new sprint meter, which has players running at blistering speeds for brief periods. There is also an overshield, which allows players to have a buffer of 50 shield that will regenerate over time, so it gives players bonus time to get to cover.


With new mechanics, comes new winning strategies for Fortnite. For one, seeking high ground is now absolutely essential. Without building allowing players to get to high ground at any time, careful positioning and movement is the only way to get above other players. Shooting down and being able to retreat into cover at anytime is a great asset to have, especially when the enemy can not, and must be constantly on guard. Similarly, circle positioning, especially towards the end game, is the difference between winning and losing. With no way to stop incoming fire and the circle at their back, moving into a safe area can cause massive health loss or even an end to a fight. So getting good positioning in the final circle can make winning that final battle much easier, especially with Fortnite‘s returning drum shotgun.

Fortnite Adds New Sprint and Overshield Mechanics

The new Fortnite mechanics also demand adept use to be made as useful as possible. The sprint bar and overshield are the only defense the player has to being caught exposed and without cover, so keeping the sprint bar available is key to not getting snuck up on by another squad. Using the sprint bar to move from cover to cover rather than just roaming in the open will stop other squads from getting free damage in and guarantee beginning engagements with more health and resources. Also, since other squads are just as exposed, teamwork and coordination are required to win when not playing solo. Since teammates cannot build to stall the other team, staying relatively close to one another assures that one member won’t be picked off early.

In the same realm, using teamwork on offense is just as important as defense in Fortnite. Focusing fire on a single enemy caught unaware may grant a huge advantage if they can secure an early knockdown. Without building, fights typically do not last as long as before, so attacking a squad that just won a fight and is weak can be an efficient way to secure more loot. Players will likely be killed in the open as well, and their loot will be harder to acquire, so attacking that looting squad is a great way to start a fight.

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According to leaks about the new season, Fortnite’s no-building mode is going to be a permanent addition, so mastering the new mechanics and strategies will always be important. With this more methodical approach to combat, each engagement must be more carefully planned and executed. Now, strategy is more important than ever.

Fortnite is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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