One thing we can all agree about Disney movies is that they offer the audience a full range of emotions. We cry, we laugh, we get scared, and we fall in love. No wonder they have been so popular for so long. The Frozen franchise has its fair share of sadness, but it is also one of the funniest animations Disney has ever made.

There are so many hilarious moments and quotes that it’s hard to select the best. But that doesn’t keep us from trying. Here are the 10 funniest scenes in Frozen, ranked by how much they make us laugh.

10 Elated Or Gassy

Placed last on the list of funniest moments is a fart joke. Because let’s be honest, fart jokes always work. This pearl is found in the song “For The First Time In Forever,” when Anna excitedly celebrates the castle opening its doors for Elsa’s coronation. In the myriad of random thoughts shared by our favorite princess is this extremely honest and very funny, real-time elaboration of her feelings. Elated or gassy, all Anna knows is she is somewhere in that zone. These little quirky comments are how we get to meet Anna’s true personality and fall in love with her. The fact that they’re funny is just a wonderful plus.

9 Kristoff’s Family

Since the first sleigh ride, Kristoff talks about friends who happen to be love experts. But it isn’t until Anna needs help that he admits they are actually, sort of, family to him. The way Kristoff describes “his family” leads Anna, and the audience, to believe we’re about to meet a nice couple of human adoptive parents. But we’re surprised to learn he is talking about the trolls. Anna and Olaf don’t know they are trolls and can only see rocks, so they assume Kristoff is crazy. Olaf takes the lead to distract him while Anna runs for her life. The scene is super funny, both Olaf and Anna’s facial expressions are on point, and the fact that we know Kristoff is not actually talking to rocks makes it work even better. That’s why it deserves the ninth position on our list.


8 Samantha

Number 8 funniest moment goes to Olaf’s imaginary friend. After the Arendelle heroes enter the enchanted forest, they get separated, and Olaf ends up by himself. Worried about the many mysterious things happening around him, the snowman calls out to his friends, one by one. But after receiving no answers from Anna, Elsa, or Sven, Olaf calls out to… Samantha?

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If you were confused about who Samantha was, you’re not in the wrong. As Olaf says himself, he doesn’t even know a Samantha before falling on the ground from laughing too hard. Olaf wasn’t the only one to burst into a laugh with this well-timed gag, which later returns for a second strike.

7 Anna And Kristoff Sleigh Ride

After Anna bribes Kristoff to take her to the Northern Mountain to find Elsa, the two wanderers share a sleigh ride. Kristoff unpretentiously asks Anna the reason for Elsa’s overreaction. Anna shares her plan to wed Hans, a Prince she just met that day, and Elsa’s dislike of the idea. Little did Anna know that Kristoff would agree with Elsa and make sure to point out how terrible the impromptu marriage idea was. Kristoff’s reaction is as hilarious as the questions about Hans he asks Anna. And it’s also the first time we see how cute and funny their dynamic is.

6 “I Can’t Feel My Legs!”

In the first Frozen, Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf get scared off Elsa’s ice palace by a giant snow monster. The trio is so preoccupied with escaping that they don’t notice they are running towards a dead end. The pursue ends with them falling down an abyss into a high pile of snow, which luckily cushions their fall. But before they all realize they are okay, Olaf gets desperate after touching two feet in front of him and noticing he can’t feel them. The moment is but a joke since the legs actually belong to Kristoff. The comic relief works really well, which is why this scene places in the sixth position on the list.

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5 Kristoff’s Ballad

Anna and Elsa have been mesmerizing the fans with their top-notch musical performances since 2013. But no one expected Kristoff to pull of “Lost In The Woods,” an 80s-style power ballad, with such… intensity?

To open the top 5 funniest scenes, Kristoff’s performance singing his love song to Anna. It’s hilarious and filled with references from 80s classics, such as Brian Adams, Journey, Queen, and MTV. Even though Kristoff’s feelings are strong, and we kind of feel bad for him, it’s impossible not to laugh during the more than 3-minute-long song, and it’s definitely one of Frozen II’s best scenes.

4 “I Prefer You In Leather Anyway”

Watching Disney movies as adults has its own perks. The story might not be as magical, but it’s just as entertaining, plus you get to understand the double meaning jokes that slip right past the 12 and under audience. And that’s what makes them so funny! At the end of Frozen II, Kristoff makes an effort to look fancy for Anna’s coronation but has no hesitation in saying he will only wear those clothes for one hour. Anna is quick to assure him that she prefers him in leather, anyway. To kids, she only means his regular ice-harvester clothes. But to grown-ups who can pick up the sexual innuendo, it’s the reason for a good giggle.

3 “You Think I’m Crazy?”

The third funniest moment in the Frozen franchise is one of Kristoff’s failed marriage proposals. Kristoff establishes that his next step in life is to propose to Anna at the beginning of Frozen II. But even though the two are in a well-established happy relationship, it doesn’t mean the ice harvester doesn’t struggle with his words. Lucky for us, his pain is our laugh. In marriage proposal number 2, Kristoff attempts to put Anna’s mind in a comfortable place by reminiscing about their first journey together. His poor choice of words, however, leads Anna to misinterpret him and get offended. Lucky for him, the unknown calls for Elsa, who interrupts the disaster before real damage is done.

2 “Hoo-Hoo, Big Summer Blowout!”

No one deserves the number two position more than Oaken. Everything about Oaken, the tall, cheerful gentleman who runs the trading post, is hilarious. His sweet manners, his sideburns, his accent… But it is his first quote in the movie that he is well-known and loved for. After Elsa causes the massive winter storm to haunt Arendelle in the middle of summer, Oaken finds himself with an overstock of summer products, hence the summer sale. Although Oaken is supposed to be a minor character, his performance was so loved by fans he was included in every new production of the franchise, including the two shorts Frozen Fever and Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.

1 Olaf’s Recap

It makes sense that the Frozen franchise’s funniest moment would be a recap of the whole story. Lost in the enchanted forest, Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven find themselves in the middle of the battle between Arendelle and the Northuldra people. Alarmed by their presence, the warriors stop to confront the visitors, and Olaf takes the lead in explaining why they are there. In a little over one minute, Olaf does a complete, accurate, and hilarious recap of both movies’ full story until that point. Kudos to his storytelling talents that left Lieutenant Mattias so engaged he almost cried. In the end, the whole forest is left with their jaw dropped, and the fans, recovering from the funniest scene in the whole show.

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