One of the aspects of Genshin Impact that players love the most is its characters. The free-to-play RPG from miHoYo is an undeniable hit, and several bits of ancillary media exist, including animated shorts, music videos, and even free manga. The manga is especially great because it allows fans to spend more time with characters they love while also introducing new characters who haven’t appeared in-game yet.

The roster of playable characters in Genshin Impact is always growing. Even now, with the latest Version 1.3 content, Xiao has been added to the game. Even though characters are always being added, each one feels somewhat unique and has their own quirks, moves, and backstory. Perhaps because of this, fans have become enamored with quite a few of the characters since Genshin Impact launched last year.


In terms of characters, there’s a little something for everyone in Genshin Impact. Whether players want a team focused on powerful DPS attacks or one that’s full of spellcasters, there’s plenty to choose from. The manga is a great way to get know these characters a bit better, and it even reveals a few new characters as well, so fans should absolutely love it. Here’s everything Genshin Impact fans need to know about the free and official manga.

Genshin Impact’s Free Manga & Characters Explained

Currently, there are thirteen Chapters of the free manga available in English, while manga in other regions is farther along. However, some Chapters have multiple parts and there’s also a Prologue. More Chapters will be added in the future, as the manga – much like Genshin Impact itself-  is ongoing. Fans who want to spend more time with the characters they love should definitely check it out.

The manga also reveals quite a few new characters, such as Dottore and Cyno, who have been rumored to become playable in Genshin Impact in the future. The manga is great for understanding Genshin Impact lore a bit better, as well as shedding light on characters’ backgrounds that aren’t completely shown or developed in-game. Plus, it’s always exciting to see new characters that haven’t been added to the game yet.

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Overall, fans of Genshin Impact should absolutely love the manga. It’s completely free, and even though the manga doesn’t release on a set schedule, it’s updated on miHoYo’s official site regularly. It’s a great way to get to know the characters in Genshin Impactbetter while learning more about Teyvat’s history and lore – and even being introduced to new characters along the way.

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