For almost 25 years now, the classic ’97 comedy Good Burger has been making comedy fans laugh. Whether it’s the silly exclamations made by Kel Mitchell’s character Ed or the sarcastic comments made by Kenan Thompson’s Dexter, watching Brian Robbins’s Good Burger never gets old.

Sure, it might not be the most sophisticated movie or even comedy for that matter, but that in no way means it isn’t hilarious. Through all the ridiculousness of burger rivalries, romances, saucy surprises, and iconic one-liners, every minute of Good Burger is bound to make people smile.


Kurt To Ed When Working At Mondo Burger:

“Watch Your Mouth, You Pestiferious Little Maggot”

At the beginning of the movie, Dexter joins the Mondo Burger team so he can pay off the damage he caused on his teacher Mr. Wheat’s car. However, Dexter’s time with Mondo Burger doesn’t last long.

The work environment at Mondo Burger isn’t exactly warm and fuzzy, so perhaps a better term to describe it is tyrannical. Dexter gets fed up with manager Kurt constantly blowing a whistle in his ears, so he mouths off. Instead of receiving a normal scolding by Mondo Burger employees, Dexter is referred to as a pestiferous maggot. While it would be harsh to hear if said in real life, the viewers would admit that it is one of the most creative insults they have ever heard before.

Ed To The Workers At Good Burger:

“It’s Okay People, Her Butt Is Fine”

When Ed and Dexter are out on a double date, things don’t go so well for one of the lady friends. Roxanne, whose goal is to get Ed to reveal the recipe for Good Burger’s secret sauce, ends up falling flat on her rear end when Ed pulls her chair out too far.

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This results in Ed announcing to the entire restaurant that Roxanne’s (Carmen Electra) butt is unharmed after the fall. Although this would probably be awkward to experience in real life, it does make for a hilarious scene as it is so in character for Ed (since he is so innocent and doesn’t get embarrassed by anything).

Dexter To Ed About Kurt And His Friends:

“Hey, Check It Ed, It’s The Mondo Idiots”

Dexter in Good Burger

When Dexter and Ed run into Good Burger’s new and over-the-top competitor Mondo Burger, the interaction doesn’t exactly go smoothly.

Dexter introduces the Mondo Burger employees as “Mondo Idiots,” which leads Ed to say “Nice to meet you, Mondo Idiots.” It’s this innocent and friendly persona Kel Mitchell puts on that makes this movie so funny.

Kurt To Dexter About His Job:

“If There’s One Thing Kurt Cannot Stand It Is An Incompetent, Bumbling, Sloppy Fast Food Employee”

When Dexter doesn’t exactly do a good job as a Mondo Burger employee, he gets chewed out by his totalitarian manager Kurt. Instead of just telling Dexter what he can do next time to improve his work, he is more or less told that he is incompetent, bumbling, and sloppy.

While it may seem vicious, and no doubt it is, the way in which Jan Schweiterman portrays Kurt is so over-the-top mean that viewers can’t help but laugh.

A Mondo Burger Employee To Ed:

“You Better Watch Your Butt, Man.”

In this great 9os classic comedy, when Ed warmly introduces himself to the Mondo Burger employees, he completely misses the sense of rivalry between the two restaurants and is told by the Mondo Burger manager to “watch his butt.”

Instead of being put off by this comment, like most people would be, Ed simply turns around and examines his rear end. It’s one of the funniest moments in the movie as it serves to introduce the audience to the naivety and innocence of Ed.

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Ed To A Good Burger Customer:

“Dude, A Meat Patty Is Something.”

One of the best things about Good Burger is the hilarious and oftentimes oblivious Ed. When he gives a man who asks for a burger with nothing on it a plain bun, a ridiculously funny quote ensues.

Instead of accepting his mistake, Ed argues that the man asked for a burger with nothing on it, and since a burger patty is “something,” then there was no reason to put anything on the bun. It’s absurd, but it sure is funny.

Ed To The Rest Of The Good Burger Employees:

“I Just Tackled Some Old Lady.”

Right at the head of the climax, Dexter and Ed must rush back to Good Burger after being placed in a psychiatric hospital. When someone from Mondo Burger poisons their sauce, Ed rushes inside and tackles a wholesome old lady who is seconds away from biting into the poisoned food.

What results is a hilarious moment where Ed literally tackles this poor old woman to the ground to save her life and soon after gets cheered on by Dexter. It’s awkward for all characters considering the workers aren’t aware of the context, but works effectively for the movie since it relies on cringe-comedy sometimes.

Dexter To Ed:

“This Is No Time For Frozen Treats”

When Ed and Dexter are driving a giant ice cream truck back to Good Burger to save it from poisoning its customers, Ed foolishly does an inventory of the truck and finds a variety of delicious ice cream treats.

That’s when Dexter, who is a bit more practical than Ed (which really isn’t saying much) drops the line. Moments before, the duo has to drive erratically past a bunch of kids who just want nothing more than to buy some ice cream, but to no avail.

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Ed To Roxanne:

“Well, I’m Not Edible.”

When Mondo Burger owner/manager Kurt Bozwell sends attractive Roxanne over to Good Burger to try and get the recipe for their secret sauce, Ed doesn’t take the bate.

When Roxanne tells Ed “I’m hungry for you” in quite the seductive manner, Ed misses the point entirely, telling Roxanne “I’m not edible.” It’s Ed’s obliviousness to the situation that makes this scene memorable since fans can see Roxanne get frustrated every time one of her schemes fail. While they weren’t exactly the typical supervillains fans had gotten used to seeing in the likes of the MCU, the audience still felt the same amount of joy at their failures.

Ed To The Customers Of Good Burger:

“Welcome To Good Burger Home Of The Good Burger, Can I Take Your Order?”

It’s probably the most iconic quote in the whole movie. When people think of Good Burger, this is what they think of.

Any time a customer comes into the restaurant, this is how they are greeted. It’s funny, it’s rhythmic, and it’s everywhere in the 1997 classic comedy. Iconic.

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