The CW’s Gossip Girl is one of the most popular teen dramas of all time, and there are many reasons fans love it so much. There is the mystery of trying to figure out who was blogging. There is love story after love story, all starring very attractive people. There is the amazing setting on the Upper East Side of New York City. And, of course, there is the fashion.

Serena van der Woodsen, the protagonist of the show, was also one of the most stylish. Her lifestyle and personality both made for some very memorable outfits over the years. Check out her very best.

10 Brown Leather Jackets

This girl loved a good brown leather jacket, and she some very notable ones. At the beginning of the series, Serena was spotted at Grand Central Station, returning home after disappearing, and she was wearing one of these signature jackets. She paired it with a striped top and a handkerchief tied around her neck.

Serena also had a more fitted one that she wore over her school uniform in order to add some personality and an extra layer of warmth. Both were fabulous pieces.

9 Furry Vest

Serena was very into fashion, and she was able to afford the trendiest clothing items out there. Her personality was full of spunk and energy, so while her best friend Blair dressed in a more polished and preppy way, Serena had more eclectic and boho outfits, like this one. 

There is lace, pleats, high heels, a statement necklace, a big bag, and to top it all off, there is a furry vest. It was a lot, but Serena rocked it.


8 Dressy Shorts

This is a perfect example of one of Serena’s classic all-purpose outfits. She could have worn this to an event or hanging out at home, to work or while shopping, and she would have looked both cool and chic. The dressy shorts add sophistication to the look, while the yellow blouse is fun and vivid — just like her. Plus, Serena always had to finish it all off with an over-the-top necklace and purse. Her closet clearly never, ever allowed for her to repeat accessories. 

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7 Gold Blazer 

Gold was probably this character’s favorite color to wear, and some of her most memorable outfits proved it. For instance, everyone remembers this gold blazer, which was a show-stopping piece that, once again, was professional but also festive and unique.

To elevate the look even further, Serena paired the blazer with electric blue pants. The simple white shirt underneath and the slick ponytail were both good choices, since the other two items speak volumes. 

6 Accessorized Dress

If Blair were to have worn this pink dress that Serena was wearing, it would have been styled in a completely different way. There would have been tights, a headband, classy jewelry and an up-do. For Serena van der Woodsen, though, it needed to be accessorized in a truly original way.

She added a cardigan, threw on a hat, and loaded up on the bracelets. And she is surely carrying another huge purse as well. Again, some may say it is too much, but for Serena, it was terrific. 

5 Winter Outfit

Sometimes, Serena traded in the extra-ness for a simple classy outfit, and this winter number is a stand-out one. It gets very cold in New York, and these characters were always rushing out to glamorous functions. Therefore, they needed to look their best at all times. 

For Serena, that meant a gray and urban ensemble. That coat was such a smart staple piece. Those layers looked beautiful on her. The knee-high boots made her long legs somehow look even longer. And to put the cherry on top, those plaid tights showed off her youthful personality.

4 Uniform

There was another time when Serena rocked knee-high boots in the best way possible. She was often seen in her school uniform, since these characters attended an elite private high school. They all looked very refined in their plaid-based uniforms, but students could add their own unique touches.

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Serena paired a cool vest with a loose tie, and then she wore these awesome boots. If everyone looked like this in a uniform, more people would probably want to switch to a private education.

3 Gold Gown

Of course, there was this gold gown. It truly looked like it was made just for Serena in every way, as it fit like a glove (though, it somehow fit Ivy pretty well, too, when she stole it). The sweetheart neckline was very attractive on her. The tufts at the bottom took this from a very pretty dress to an outstanding one. And that gold color…well, it is easy to see why Serena favored it. 

Everyone who has seen this TV show knows about this fashion moment, and it is definitely a scene that belongs high up on this list. 

2 Gray Dress

On a similar note, there was this gray dress, which was shown in a moment that stands out to fans, even after all these years. There is just so much to love here.

The top had intricate lace and beading that gave the dress an old Hollywood feel. The color was this one-of-a-kind shade that was as special as Serena herself. The bottom was both short and long, lacy and detailed, for the perfect mixture of alluring and glam. Yes, this was a true winner. 

1 Wedding Ensemble

And then there was that wedding day ensemble, the winner out of all of Serena’s fab fashion moments. This gown had gold metallic at the to top and white fluffy layers at the bottom. It was super fitting for her big day, as she was this bright and bubbly character who also had as luxurious and trendy style. Her groom didn’t look too bad either.

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While several wedding dresses were seen on the show over the years, this one may have been the best. It was certainly a great way for the story to wrap up, with both the ceremony and this look as the main attractions.

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