Gotham tells the history and events of the pre-Batman era before all the vigilantes and superheroes; it starts, indeed, with the arrival of the well-known cop James Gordon, who will inspire Bruce in his fight against crime. The show explores Batman’s main villains and secondary characters’ development while revolving around Jim Gordon’s unceasing battle against the underworld.

From the cops of the GCPD to the inmates of Arkham Asylum, the show has plenty of villains, antis, and heroes, all characterized by different sets of values and goals. Read below to find out who the most good-hearted and villainous characters are.

10 Good: James Gordon

Even before moving back to Gotham in the first season, all that Gordon cares about is making justice. He has made his share of bad decisions and has occasionally taken dark paths to achieve his goals, but all he does aims to make the city a better and safer place, a trait that never changed.

As a soldier or cop, or GCPD Commissioner, Jim has always been a hero to the people of Gotham.

9 Evil: Oswald Copplebot/Penguin

Oswald Copplebot is quite chaotic, he desired to be in control of the city’s underworld since he started working for Fish Mooney. Although he might not be the cruelest among the rest of the villains, he managed to get all criminals to fear him and the GCPD to chase after him.

He even brainwashed and manipulated the whole city into making him the city’s Mayor, but still helped Gordon and the GCPD during the “No Man’s Land” period.


8 Good: Selina Kyle/Catwoman

Although Selina likes playing tough and continuously shifts between hero, anti-hero, and villain, she has a good heart and intentions, as she proves in her relationships with Bruce, Ivy, FireFly, etc.

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Growing up as an orphan, stealing became a necessary lifestyle and the only way to survive, while selfishness became her protection mechanism; nevertheless, she would never hurt an innocent person and she always ends up siding with the good guys.

7 Evil: Edward Nygma/The Riddler

Edward Nygma started as a normal good guy until his romantic obsession for his co-worker started escalating; he used, indeed, to work for the GCPD until he discovered a part of himself that yearned for the criminal life.

He was never given a multiple personality disorder, therefore the contrast between Edward and The Riddler can be seen as a transition, as Edward got to know the darker part of himself and learned to accept it. Once that happened, he became one of the most gifted and cruel villains of Gotham, as he never minded hurting innocent people for pure fun and exhibition of his cleverness.

6 Good: Harvey Bullock

Harvey might not be the hero-cop of the GCPD, and he often chooses the easier path rather than the rightest one; however, his heart is always in a good place, as all of the times he closes an eye on criminals is for fear of the consequences if he didn’t.

Harvey can seem lazy and uncaring, but he cares for Gotham and its innocent people, as he proved when he became the police’s Commissioner or when he bravely fought in No Man’s Land.

5 Evil: Jerome & Jeremiah Valeska

The Valeska twins, Jerome and Jeremiah, possibly are the evilest characters on the show; it must be in their DNA. Gotham City is in extreme danger in each episode they appear in, and there’s no logical reason or understandable explanation for any of their vile actions.

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They simply love crime, as they enjoy the thrill of the rush and being at the center of attention; they thrive on chaos and are not afraid of the consequences.

4 Good: Lee Thompkins

Lee is the show’s kindest character, a doctor who always wants to help people in need. During her relationship with Jim Gordon and her job at the GCPD, she was always patient, calm, and understanding- although there’s a limit to how much she can take.

She maintained her solid moral principles even after her fianceè’s death, as everyone thought she was going crazy and more prone to becoming a villain in the Narrows.

3 Evil: Ivy Pepper/Poison Ivy

Ivy has a quite complex and peculiar personality, and her origin story is pretty tragic. She was just a kid when she was first introduced, but then she started growing up, slowly becoming a deadly villain, learning how dreadful humanity can be in the process.

Her hatred towards humanity and her plant-human hybridity led her to feel superior to humans, to the point where she aspires to wipe them out of the earth.

2 Good: Bruce Wayne

Although it’s obvious, Bruce Wayne is one of the most good-hearted characters of the show. Sooner or later, all of the main protagonists have to break their moral principles to protect the city or their interests, adding more darkness to their personality.

Bruce, on the other hand, firmly believes in not crossing certain lines, a lesson, and rule that he consolidates after his first and last murder – or rather the killing Ra’s Al Ghul’s, who then came back to life. His heart is in the right place, always.

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1 Evil: Jervis Tetch/Mad Hatter

Jervis has always been pure evil since his first appearance to the last; there is, indeed, no tragic backstory for him, but just a sick childhood in which he already was utterly insane. He’s terrifying and manipulating, and his romantic obsession with his sister and the Alice In Wonderland tale is creepy.

The Mad Hatter has never shown signs of compassion or redemption ability and traits, for he seems to enjoy the chaos and madness he lives in.

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