Gravity Falls is a show filled with a lot of gags and a lot of hilarious characters. Each character has their sense of quirkiness and their brand of humor, though ultimately every main character gets to say multiple lines that will have audiences roaring with laughter.

Amid each character’s large amount of funny quotes, some quotes manage to stand out for just how hilarious they are. Each main character has a line that is considered way funnier and more iconic than the rest, and they deserve to be discussed.

Dipper, When The Twins “Broke” Into A Museum

“We’re In.”

Often Dipper’s overly serious nature lent itself to a lot of funny lines. In one episode, titled “Irrational Treasure,” Dipper and Mabel have to find out more information at a museum. Dipper, who is in full mission mode, states dramatically that they are going to have to break in.


This proves to not be the case, as the museum is open and has free admission. They even give the kids free balloons. But Dipper, still in mission mode, squints at the camera like a secret agent and states, “We’re in.” it’s a great parody of spy films and a very funny line.

Mabel, When She Read Her Own Graffiti

“What Kind Of Sick Joke Is This?”

Mabel is the quirky loveable member of the cast, so she is always doing things that could be considered weird but is generally interpreted as hilariously kind-hearted. This includes a time when she is in the back of a graffitied van and scribbles over some rude graffiti to write, “You look nice today!”

However, after the events of the episode, Mabel is feeling sick to her stomach, so she crawls into the back of the van. She reads the graffiti as if forgetting that she is the one who wrote it, and hilariously takes it as a backhanded compliment, stating, “What kind of sick joke is this?”

Grunkle Stan, When He Harassed People With Jokes

“My Ex-Wife Still Misses Me, But Her Aim Is Getting Better!”

Grunkle Stan can often be quite out of touch with those younger than him, though he is desperate to disprove that. This leads to him rowing a boat up to multiple groups of people and making a boomer joke about his ex-wife trying to throw something at him.

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What makes this joke so funny is that Stan repeats the punchline multiple times with the exact intonation to get a laugh, while the people he’s bothering just stare at him awkwardly. He even annoys a couple that is about to get engaged with the joke, stating that it’s funny because marriage is terrible.

Soos, When Dipper Saw Something Traumatic

“Hehe, Good Luck Sleeping Tonight!”

In one of the best episodes of Gravity Falls according to IMDb, “Into The Bunker,” the gang runs into an evil shapeshifter. When they finally manage to freeze it to death, the shapeshifter takes the form of Dipper, freezing in a horrifying pose while stating that Dipper will die awfully.

This moment is haunting, and Dipper is suitably shaken, but the tension is immediately broken when Soos laughs and says “Good luck sleeping tonight!” Soos’ lack of being able to comprehend the seriousness of a moment always leads to funny lines, and this moment is a great example of that.

Wendy, When Robbie Kept Texting Her

“Winky Frown? What Does That Even Mean?”

Wendy and Robbie’s relationship is an aspect of the show that people tend to love or hate, but there’s no denying that some funny lines were created from it. This is especially true after they break up, and Robbie is incredibly depressed about it and keeps begging Wendy to take him back over text.

Wendy is hilariously frustrated by this, especially when Robbie sends her a “;(” emoji, and Wendy has no idea what emotion is being conveyed. Voice actor Linda Cardellini does a great job bringing Wendy’s humorous way of speaking to life, and Wendy is considered by Rotten Tomatoes to be one of Linda Cardellini’s best roles.

Bill Cipher, When He Gave Dipper An Awful Present

“You Deserve A Prize! Here, Have A Head That’s Always Screaming.”

Bill Cipher is a terrifying villain, but he has a sense of charisma, and he gets some very funny lines. Often his terrifying and sadistic nature is what brings the laughs. This includes a time when Cipher is trying to show respect to Dipper, who has been able to outwit Bill thus far.

Bill offers Dipper a severed head that screams as a present, which is so shocking that it can’t help but be funny, as Dipper is terrified of the gift. It’s hard to guess whether Bill is intentionally trying to scare Dipper, or if he genuinely thinks that a screaming head is a good gift. Either way, the quote is hilarious.

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Grunkle Ford, When He Gave Mabel A Crossbow

“I Haven’t Been In This Dimension For A While, It’s Okay To Give Children Weapons, Right?”

Grunkle Ford is arguably the most intelligent character of the show, and he’s also incredibly funny on occasion. His main point of humor is that he has been stuck in a different dimension for 30 years, so he is a little out of touch with what is considered regular behavior. This leads to him giving Mabel a deadly weapon before he questions whether that is appropriate to do.

What makes the quote even funnier is that he asks if giving children weapons is appropriate in a way that suggests that it once was considered appropriate, which is hilarious to think about, and makes the audience wonder what kind of person Ford is.

Robbie, When He Was Being Dramatic In A Grave

“Just Eat Me Already, Man-Ah I Was Just Being Dramatic, Quit It! Ow, Ow! My Face! Vulture!”

While Robbie is one of Gravity Fall‘s most hated characters, he still has a ton of funny lines. A lot of these lines come from his despair at Wendy breaking up with him, which leads to him lying dramatically in a grave to mourn their relationship.

A vulture appears, and Robbie asks the bird to eat him since he is so depressed. He immediately backtracks when the bird starts attacking him, crying out in admittance that he was just being dramatic, before resorting to just yelling out phrases nonsensically like “My face! Vulture!” The whole quote is hilariously chaotic and, for many, it’s funny enough just seeing Robbie suffer.

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Gideon, When His Father Tried To Reprimand Him

“I Can Buy And Sell You Old Man!”

Gideon is hilarious when he’s angry, mainly because of how intense he can get for such a small and “cute” person. It’s shocking how his parents manage to put up with him because they are often unable to control him and his powers.

When Gideon goes on another rampage, his father tries to reprimand him like an ordinary dad would, however, Gideon screams about how he practically owns his parents because of the power and fame that he has. The line is dramatically hilarious as is, but it is made even funnier by his father’s response, which is a nonchalant, “Fair enough.”

Pacifica, When Mabel Tried To Teach Her About Sharing


The main joke surrounding Pacifica is that because she is so rich and mean, she is out of touch with regular people like the Pines family. When she takes a lift in a car with Mabel and Dipper, Pacifica is shocked at how the car is so messy, and how they are allowed to eat food in it.

Mabel offers her a snack that she finds in the car, and Pacifica is suitably confused. At first, she states that she’s not allowed to take handouts, and when Mabel says that she’s simply sharing the food with Pacifica, the rich girl hilariously doesn’t know the meaning of the word. It’s a very funny line that emphasizes just how spoiled she is.

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