The often-complained-about Sparrow helicopter from Grand Theft Auto Online has resulted in the sudden death of yet another unlucky player before it could even get off the ground. Rockstar’s massively popular open-world MMO contains many stylish vehicles for players to explore the virtual city of Los Santos in, including sleek race cars, speedy motorboats, and sound-barrier-breaking jet planes. Even more are added and offered at a discount frequently through updates, such as GTA Online’s recent giveaway of the Weeny Issi in mid-February.     

One of the most infamous and talked-about GTA Online vehicles is the Sparrow helicopter, which has appeared in multiple Grand Theft Auto titles. On paper, the Sparrow seems cool enough: a lightweight attack copter that can be equipped with either a Gattling Gun or small missile launcher and stored in a player’s garage or submarine until they need it. However, GTA Online’s version of the Sparrow is quite notorious for its incredibly weak armor, with players often posting clips of the chopper exploding after a single hit or collision with a building or obstacle. Combined with an unfortunate vehicle spawn, this could spell disaster for a would-be criminal looking to take to the skies of Los Santos.


This was the case with Reddit user SnooDingos1035, who recently posted a brief video of their unfortunate attempt to launch a Sparrow to the Grand Theft Auto Online subreddit. According to the player, this Sparrow spawned in an awkward position between two buildings and was so tightly packed in that its chopper blades literally ground against the walls as SnooDingos1035 tried to take off. The flight was incredibly short-lived, as the Sparrow exploded mere seconds into its liftoff attempt, killing SnooDingos1035’s character in a fiery blaze. The infamous GTA “Wasted” screen described SnooDingos1035’s death as them having “committed suicide,” though “vehicle malfunction” would have been a more accurate description. Other players in the comments section would share their own accounts of the Sparrow spawning in an awkward position like that, as well as laughing at the way that SnooDingos1035 exits the exploding chopper and giving them some tips on how to avoid such a tricky situation in the future.

Given its nature as a detailed open-world title, GTA Online has been home to plenty of wild stunts, weird glitches, and comical mishaps since it was first launched alongside the massively successful Grand Theft Auto 5 back in 2013. Online videos feature GTA Online players jumping their cars onto far-away bridges by accident or teaming up to perform wholesome Valentine’s Day displays. Glitches have led to some pretty imaginative deaths, such as one GTA Online player suddenly being launched into the air above Cayo Perico after attempting to open a gate.

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Meanwhile, some Grand Theft Auto Online players don’t even make it off the ground, as was the case when SnooDingos1035 attempted to pilot the notoriously brittle Sparrow helicopter. This much-maligned mini-chopper remains one of the most disliked vehicles in GTA Online, as evidenced by the fact that it seemingly can’t even take off without exploding at times.

Source: SnooDingos1035/Reddit

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