Mods for Sifu continue to get more comical, as modders have now added Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas protagonist CJ to the title, allowing players to take out enemies with the popular and well-memed character. Sifu debuted earlier this month and received praise for its unique hand-to-hand combat system that blended roguelike elements with a story-driven experience. Despite being a unique and gratifying cinematic venture, Sifu‘s brutal difficulty and complex controls have made its levels punishing for players. Needless to say, this extremity hasn’t taken a toll and the title is already the subject of a passionate community of modders who have completely changed up the style of the game.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is considered one of the greatest games of all time and its memorable characters, including CJ, have kept the classic PS2-era title a classic. Besides having been excessively modded to expand many of its features and elements over the years, social media memes and remasters have had players coming back over and over again. As a way to support its popularity, last year Rockstar Games released Grand Theft Auto GIFs in celebration of the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, including the remastered version of the popular meme “Here we go again” that users can use freely on social media. Additionally, a similar San Andreas achievement that references the meme can be found in the game.

Fans are once again showing their love for San Andreas‘ CJ, as modders have swapped out Sifu‘s protagonist with the beloved character to make way for some Grove Street smackdown. YouTuber justas posted a clip of Sifu‘s CJ reskin, created by Nexus Mods users huckleberrypie and Blikoj. Beginning like a parody, the clip starts with CJ reciting his popular “Here we go again” quote before quickly beginning to take out enemies one by one in the game’s very first level, The Squats. While the mod lacks anything besides the character model, the clip features several songs from San Andreas and additional voiceovers by CJ to make it even more comical.

Sifu is one of many titles the popular GTA character has jokingly appeared in. Most recently, CJ was modded into God of War, allowing anyone with a PC to play the fantastic action-adventure epic as the fan-favorite character. Prior to this, the popular protagonist has previously been modded into Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Resident Evil 2, among other big-name games.

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While Sifu and Grand Theft Auto are completely different games, the fact that CJ can learn martial arts in San Andreas makes the reskin even more compelling. Having said that, while the game currently suffers from difficulty spikes, players can download one of the many reskin mods for Sifu like GTA‘s CJ and enjoy the experience with a lighter and less serious tone.

Sifu is currently available on PS4, PS5, and PC via Epic Game Store.

Source: huckleberrypie and Blikoj/Nexus Mods (via justas/Youtube)

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