Indiana Jones 5 set photos show a healthy and active Harrison Ford riding a boat. Arguably the most influential action-adventure franchise ever made, Indiana Jones kicked off in 1981 with Raiders of the Lost Ark, which became the highest-grossing movie of that year and expanded Ford’s already immense stardom. The franchise would continue to dominate the 1980s with the prequel The Temple of Doom and sequel The Last Crusade, solidifying the bullwhipping archaeologist’s rank among the most popular characters of all time. Indy returned 19 years after the previous film in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, a movie whose ridiculousness and complicated legacy grow more apparent by the day.


Though audiences assumed for years that the franchise was finished due to Crystal Skull‘s negative reception and Ford’s age, Disney announced Indiana Jones 5 in early 2016, with Ford and former director Steven Spielberg attached. Following multiple delays and script rewrites, Logan director James Mangold took the helm in 2o20 and filming began in the UK this past June. Production has proved as arduous as pre-production, with Ford injuring his shoulder and requiring surgery just weeks after filming began. That was no match for Hollywood’s toughest septuagenarian, and the latest images from set show Ford is back and regaining his sea legs during the globetrotting production.

The Daily Mail captured several photos from the Indiana Jones 5 set in Sicily, where Harrison Ford is filming a boat scene decked out in his classic Indy garb. About a dozen or so crew members and technicians are seen cramming onto the boat with Ford during filming of the scene, which looks to be at least partially taking place near an Italian marina. Check the link below to see the newest batch of images from the set.

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Several pieces of news have broke since filming began over the summer, including the exciting revelation that newly Oscar-nominated Antonio Banderas has joined the cast in an undisclosed role. Fans seem both excited and skeptical about Indiana Jones 5’s rumored time travel plot line, a sci-fi element that could sink the new film the same way the alien plot line is credited for having sunk Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. As for these set photos, it’s difficult to gauge what’s going on in the scene being filmed, but it could be part of a daring escape, with Indy using the boat as a means to get away from pursuers. Ford has a concerned look on his face in some of the images, indicating Dr. Jones once again finds himself on the run.

Despite whichever direction Mangold and his team take the upcoming film, it’s safe to say fans everywhere are ecstatic to see Harrison Ford reassuming his most legendary role. Indy occupies such a joyful and cherished place in the hearts of a generation of movie lovers whose eyes widened at his wild adventures, so spotting the now 79-year-old actor back in his fedora and brown jacket is a pure nostalgic delight. From Star Wars to Blade Runner 2049, Ford seems intent on reviving every single franchise legend from his vast storied career, and fans are definitely along for the ride as long as he is.

Source: Daily Mail

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