It’s pretty rare to find a character who is universally beloved, especially in a franchise as monstrously massive as Harry Potter, but Rubeus Hagrid is one of those lucky few who absolutely everyone seems to adore. This lovable half giant/half wizard is one of the coolest and kindest adults in the entire Harry Potter universe, and it’s honestly baffling that Harry Potter himself named his children after Dumbledore and Snape but didn’t even bother giving Hagrid a shout out.

But while it seems like Hagrid didn’t get his due within his own fictional universe, at least Harry Potter fans across the globe can appreciate this beast loving beast of a man in the way that he truly deserves. There are plenty of ways that fans can honor their faves, whether it’s video edits, fanfiction, or graphics, but we have to admit that our favorite little slice of fandom will always be the memes. So here are ten of Hagrid’s best.

10 Isn’t That Every Day Though?

Rubeus Hagrid in the Harry Potter books is an icon, Rubeus Hagrid in the movies is impossible not to love, and the Rubeus Hagrid in the PlayStation 1 Harry Potter game is rightfully the inspiration for his very own meme. The Hagrid of the PS1 game is, shall we say, unvarnished, and not in the good way that Hagrid is supposed to be. But who can’t relate to that? If we’re all being real then we likely feel like PS1 Hagrid far more often than we’d like to admit, and we’re probably PS1 Hagrid even more often than we like to imagine we are.

9 Relatable, But Wish It Wasn’t

Hagrid obviously has less of an excuse than the average person since he literally works and lives around children all day, every day. However, everyone on planet earth can relate to that feeling where you stick your foot in your mouth in front of a kid in the most awkward way possible.

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And at least in Hagrid’s case he was just dropping some magical info that the golden trio probably shouldn’t have had because they’d be wont to go on one of their classic Harry Potter adventures, whereas the average Joe who’s saying what they shouldn’t in front of a kid is typically saying something legitimately cringe worthy.


8 Well, When The Dursleys Were The Other Option

Well first of all, Harry hasn’t always been the best decision-maker in life so this should be no surprise. But there were a lot of contributing factors that obviously led up to Hagrid basically abducting him. The whole wildness of the Hogwarts letters had already happened so Harry kind of knew something was up. Plus, he just talked to a snake and made a damn window vanish into thin air. Hagrid is one intimidating fella, however, if anyone suddenly had all of these bizarre occurrences going on around them and someone showed up and said they had the answers, they’d probably go with that person too.

7 A Good Personality Always Works

And a good personality always works, especially if you’re Rubeus Hagrid! Again, someone of Hagrid’s considerable stature would probably have some difficulty dating an average-sized human being, however, Hagrid is far from being busted. Yes, he may have a mane that can compete with Mufasa and yes, he may have a revolving door of dangerous magical beasts in his home, but Hagrid can clean up pretty nicely and he has the best and kindest disposition of anyone in the entire Harry Potter franchise. Memes are all fun and games until you start trying to drag Rubeus Hagrid in any way.

6 Let’s Be Real, Hagrid Can Probably Take Her

In the world of Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen basically had unlimited power. But she only had that power because she alone controlled the only dragons that existed in the world. Without those, she really didn’t have a leg to stand on.

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So it would have been interesting if she had run across someone like Hagrid, someone who not only can develop a strong rapport with a deadly dragon but who could also absolutely demolish her in hand to hand combat. Plus, Hagrid is unquestionably the kindest and gentlest person when it comes to any living creature, even one as dangerous as a dragon.

5 When Your Mouth Writes Checks You Can’t Cash

Hagrid is undoubtedly one of the most genial and generous characters in the entire Harry Potter series, so he’d never be caught slacking by pulling a move like this. However, the average lad or lass isn’t nearly as willing to put themselves out on the line for others, even (or especially) if it’s something like paying the bar tab for the night. However, the best part of this meme is undoubtedly being able to imagine the golden trio as adults going out and getting absolutely demolished with Hagrid, and presumably trying and failing to assist Hagrid out of the bar.

4 This Is Literally What Hagrid Would Do With Youtube

Watching a tutorial about how to talk to giraffes is exactly what Rubeus Hagrid would be doing with Youtube. Or what seems even more likely in this scenario, Hagrid would be the one making those kinds of videos since no one else would be, and he would be the animal fandom influencer that conquered the world. Everyone knows exactly what it feels like to fall down a Youtube hole that winds up in a place that you not only expected never to arrive at, but that you didn’t even know existed. Everything Hagrid does is fun and interesting, but it would be extra awesome to see how he kills his time in this modern era.

3 These Curls Can’t Be Tamed

Oh, the struggle of having natural curls. Anyone with any experience knows that naturally curly hair can be absolutely gorgeous, but it can also be an incredible hot mess. Anyone with some naturally voluminous and curvy hair has 100% had a Hagrid hair day, and those who curl their hair themselves can probably say the same.

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Luckily Hagrid doesn’t mind his wild hair volume, it honestly suits him very well. His hair is as huge as his body, and his hair is as wild as his heart. Plus when you spend all of your days handling wild animals it’s pretty much a given that your hair will always be a train wreck.

2 GoT Would Have Been Cooler With Hagrid As Mother Of Dragons

Not to unnecessarily drag Daenerys Targaryen when she’s already been dragged enough, but the ending of Game of Thrones would have undoubtedly been much better, or at least happier, if Hagrid was the mother of dragons. What’s beautiful about Hagrid is that while he loves his dragons he also respects them as beasts instead of seeing them as weapons. And granted he’s still not nearly a physical match for a dragon, but envisioning Hagrid wrangling a bunch of dragons is a lot easier to imagine than itsy bitsy Dany trying to force these animals the size of skyscrapers to do what she commands.

1 We’ve All Been There

The world wide web is kind of a digital swarm of chaos, and the dark lord of said chaos has got to be Google. Google is one of the most useful internet tools ever created, but it also offers up information that no sane human being should ever have to subject themselves to. When someone runs across a term that they have never heard of looking it up is the natural reaction, but sometimes what you find feels like laying eyes on the Ark of the Covenant in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Or if you’re lucky it’s just as soft as this Hagrid reaction meme.

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