The Harry Potter series has gathered a legion of fans over the years, and a varied selection of its wonderful cast of characters have developed their own followings. One of the most common fan-favorite characters is definitely Luna Lovegood. Luna, who was friends with Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville, was a member of Dumbledore’s Army and was an incredibly interesting character — she absolutely deserves the recognition, to say the least.

Luna was brave, noble, and an amazing friend. Her odd quirks and light-hearted personality made her all the more lovable. Keep reading to see 10 memes that will prove to Harry Potter fans that Luna Lovegood is the best character in this magical series!

10 Her Relatability

Luna Lovegood had the ability to make the most relatable comments in the middle of much darker circumstances. Her iconic line, “I hope there’s pudding” is just one example of that. Luna always knew how to lighten a mood, and was always saying phrases that made those around her smile or even laugh. Her commentary on most things was incredibly relatable. Probably because of that fact that, no matter what, Luna always spoke her truth. Luna was not one to tiptoe around topics and was usually extremely blunt and honest, a trait many fans adored about her!

9 She Was Thoughtful

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Luna Lovegood was wonderful at finding common ground with people. Luna and Harry Potter found that, although the two of them are very different, they both had experienced great loss, like the loss of Luna’s mother and Harry’s mother and father. These two had both experienced the loss of death and therefore they had a strong bond. Luna, who knew how important Sirius was to Harry, was incredibly genuine in her apology for his loss, which proves how thoughtful and understanding Luna was.


8 Her Friendship With Ginny

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Although Luna Lovegood and Ginny Weasley’s friendship wasn’t as well represented in the movies as it was in the books, this friendship is one reason that Luna is so loved by fans of Harry Potter. This strong duo was often together throughout the series. While in Dumbledore’s Army they would practice spells together, and during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, Luna and Ginny saved each other multiple times. When Ginny was called “Loony” Lovegood in the books, Ginny defended her by saying, “Don’t be silly. She’s all right.” This friendship is definitely reason enough to love Luna!

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7 She’s Full Of Interesting Stories

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One charming thing about Luna Lovegood is that she is definitely never boring. This character always has an interesting story or is up to something that no one would expect. This meme is a perfect representation of that, and her calm and relaxed attitude makes this scene from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix that much more entertaining.

For whatever reason, Luna found all of her shoes missing, but her serene attitude about it is an intrinsic part of her personality. When the worst seems to be happening, Luna is cool and collected, which makes her so much more interesting!

6 She’s A Strong Character

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The Harry Potter series is one that includes a number of strong female characters that proved to be incredible role models. Luna Lovegood is no exception, and she proved how strong and powerful a woman can be. Luna was skilled at spells, brave enough to stand up for what she believed in, and daring enough to be different, not minding anyone’s harsh criticisms of her. She was a female character that showed fans how smart and capable girls are. This Ravenclaw helped Harry find Ravenclaw’s Lost Diadem and showed command when he refused to listen to her.

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5 You’re Just As Sane As I Am

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Luna Lovegood was a genuinely kindhearted and good-natured person. It was natural for her to try to make other people around her feel good and accepted, and she proved this to be true in Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix. When Harry could see the Thestrals pulling the carriages to take the students to Hogwarts, he wasn’t believed by anyone until Luna stood up for him and admitted that she too could see them. She had no problem sounding outlandish and simply wanted Harry to feel assured that he wasn’t seeing things. This kind of act was only one of the many along the same lines she made over the years.

4 She Was Different

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If there was one thing that Luna Lovegood taught fans, it was that it is okay to be yourself, and it is okay to be different. Luna never shied away from being her authentic self, even if some people didn’t understand her quirks, or even mocked them.

She taught fans of Harry Potter that as long as you are being yourself and being kind, there is nothing wrong with being different, and it can often be a strength. Luna solved many problems and saved many people because of her constant ability to think outside the box. Her unique personality is what made her all the more inspiring!

3 She Thought Outside The Box

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Luna Lovegood was definitely a unique figure in the Harry Potter universe. She never limited herself to traditional methods of magic and was often rambling about myths and different types of magical properties. This meme shows one example of a time she used her different way of thinking to rescue Harry Potter after he was attacked by Draco Malfoy. Luna, who had been going on about wrackspurts, had seen these tiny creatures near Harry’s head. Nobody seemed to believe Luna concerning these creatures she spoke of, but regardless, she saved someone because of her different outlook!

2 Her Wisdom

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Luna Lovegood often spoke in riddles, sometimes it wasn’t always clear to her friends what she was going on about. Although she often spoke unconventionally, when she was really paid attention to, her words became clear, and her wisdom even more so. Luna was full of wisdom, and was incredibly insightful, with really great intuition. One of those times is represented in this meme, which shows the time she opened Harry’s eyes to one of Lord Voldemort’s crueler tactics to break Harry down. Luna explained that it was probably Voldemort’s intention to make Harry feel alone, and this statement made her friend feel much better.

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1 She Was A Leader

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One of the most iconic scenes from the Harry Potter series includes Luna Lovegood. Luna, who heard Harry’s plea for help in finding a small item that represented Ravenclaw house. She knew exactly what item he was referring to, and insisted on helping him. Ron and Harry completely dismissed Luna’s idea, and it wasn’t until Luna chased Harry down inside the Hogwarts castle and demanded that he listen to her that he did. Luna proved to be an incredible leader here, and without her help, Harry couldn’t have destroyed the Horcrux or Voldemort.

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