Vincent D’Onofrio may have hinted at his debut as MCU’s Kingpin in Hawkeye. Marvel Studios’ fifth and current Disney+ series sees Jeremy Renner reprise his role as Clint Barton in his first headlining role since debuting in 2011’s Thor. While the show puts the spotlight on him, Hawkeye could also see Wilson Fisk in the MCU, potentially still played by D’Onofrio.

There have been rumors that Marvel Studios was planning on bringing Kingpin into the fold after the character’s rights returned to them, alongside all the other players in the Marvel TV and Netflix universe. For Kingpin, in particular, speculation suggests that he would make his MCU debut as early as Hawkeye. However, while many fans want this to happen, many have been skeptical that Kevin Feige and his team would be eager to immediately use him. After all, it hasn’t been all that long since Vincent D’Onofrio brilliantly played the role on Daredevil. With Hawkeye episode 3 offering a string of evidence that backs up the aforementioned rumor, even naysayers are now open to the possibility that Fisk will actually make his MCU introduction through the ongoing Disney+ series, and now, D’Onofrio himself may have offered new evidence that this is really happening.


In one of the actor’s recent tweets, a fan called him “uncle” and Kingpin is rumored to be Maya Lopez’s (Alaqua Cox) mysterious uncle who has yet to fully appear physically in Hawkeye but has already been teased. While D’Onofrio didn’t reply to this comment, he interestingly liked it. Fans take this as an indication that he’s backing up the idea that Fisk is indeed Echo’s uncle and he will be the one playing the role in the show. Check out the aforementioned tweets below:

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At this point, it’s difficult to say when and how Kingpin makes his MCU return. After Hawkeye episode 3, fans expected that he would make his much-anticipated arrival the week after, which, unfortunately, didn’t happen. Instead, Hawkeye episode 4 focused on Clint and Kate Bishop’s (Hailee Steinfeld) mentor/mentee relationship. The outing also officially brings in Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) into the fold after her involvement in the show was set up in the Black Widow solo movie. That being said, given how hyped-up Hawkeye episode 5 has been, it’s possible that it’s where Kingpin will finally make his first full physical appearance in the show. A few reports have claimed that the aforementioned offering will blow up Twitter, and many assume that this is because of Fisk’s arrival.

While Kingpin is being set up for his MCU introduction through Hawkeye, there hasn’t been any solid indication that he will be played by D’Onofrio, but fans are fully convinced that there is no one else who could play that role aside from him. If anything, Feige’s confirmation that MCU’s Daredevil will be played by Charlie Cox from the Daredevil show supports the idea that they will also bring D’Onofrio.

Source: Vincent D’Onofrio

Hawkeye airs Wednesdays on Disney+.

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